"Did you get my email?"


It’s wonderful to get invitations to teach all over the world and to work with great students, guilds and event planners. The tricky and stressful part is keeping up with the thousands of questions we get via email. My computer says that in the last few years I’ve responded to over 13,000 emails but I still have too many I haven’t gotten to. Our studio manager handles emails related to orders and our website so that helps us a great deal. However, the ease of email has meant that we get countless emails from real people asking real questions each day about everything from teaching availability and contracts to requests to help them with their quilting projects. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day to answer all of them.

Please understand that we’re working long hours every day to answer your emails. It’s frustrating to us as well that we can’t answer them as quickly as we would like but we are truly doing our best.

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