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Nearly ten years ago I was setting up our first ever retail booth at Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. Quilt Expo is one of our favorite shows as it’s produced by Wisconsin Public Television and Nancy Zieman Productions because has a friendly feel to it. It was a hot and humid September day and my t-shirt was damp from the sweat of pushing a heavy cart repeatedly between our booth and our van. In the distance I saw Nancy Zieman in a crisp suit and dress shoes carrying a single quilt over her arm. It was the first time I had ever seen her in person and admired her for being so successful that she had staff to delegate the heavy lifting.

The following day, the first of the show, we sold out of almost all of the merchandise we had brought! Bill drove three hours in the middle of the night with a van full of fabric and we made more kits until 4am. “It was spotting Nancy Zieman that was our good luck charm,” I told Bill.

A few years later, the day before we launched Modern Quilts Illustrated, I spotted Nancy in Houston going up an escalator. I hoped it was a good omen. It was. A few months later Nancy and I were copied on the same email for a blog hop. I told her she was our lucky charm and we had a good laugh about it. A friendship developed over the years and we even spent the night at her home once and enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by Nancy herself. Nancy graciously wrote a blurb on the back cover for our book A Kid’s Guide to Sewing and featured us three times on Sewing With Nancy. Mostly, though, she was a deeply caring and considerate friend and our family adored her.

When she was struggling with cancer we happened to be traveling through Europe. I emailed Nancy that we were praying for her in every cathedral we could find in France, Spain and Italy and we did. We even brought her back some Papal Holy Water from the Vatican, even though neither of us was Catholic. “Gotta cover all the bases,” I joked when I gave it to her. Periodically during her treatments,  I emailed her pictures of our foster kittens because I knew she loved kittens and hoped her suffering would come to an end. It didn’t end the way I hoped.

When we got the email last summer that her cancer had returned, our whole family was saddened. In any field it’s hard to find someone who is encouraging and is rooting for your success as a business and as a person. Nancy was one of those rare people for us.

It was our last conversation, however, that always stays with me. It was the morning of Quilt Expo 2017 and we had already been told that Nancy was too ill to attend the show. Many of us were sad but knew that carrying on that show and making it successful would be one way to honor her. Around 7:15am as I was getting in the shower, my cell phone rang. I saw that it was Nancy and picked it up with great excitement. She said, “You told me once that I was your lucky charm so I wanted to wish you a great show.” Naturally I burst into tears. It was an emotional phone call and she said that she was very weak. I knew that this would be our last phone call as her cancer was progressing quickly. I told her that we loved her and thanked her for her friendship over the years. Hanging up the phone was extremely difficult knowing that we would likely never be able to speak again.

For those of you who have read Nancy’s wonderful, inspiring and occasionally heartbreaking, autobiography Seams Unlikely, there is now a followup book written by Nancy’s husband of 40 years, Richard Zieman, entitled Nancy Zieman: The Rest of the Story. The book chronicles where Seams Unlikely ended and documents the unimaginable struggles Nancy faced in her last few years. It also includes lots of family pictures of Nancy with her family and describes how she kept her faith close throughout her life and especially in her final weeks.

If you’ve admired Nancy’s sewing skills, you will be even more stunned at the strength of her spirit as you read all that she endured from a lifetime of medical challenges. Nancy Zieman Productions has graciously provided us with two copies to share for a giveaway. If you’d like to enter to win a copy of Nancy Zieman: The Rest of the Story, please leave a comment below sharing with us what you learned from Nancy.



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  1. I think Weeks covered a lot of what I saw in Nancy’s shows – her graciousness, friendliness, and promoting charity work. I felt a small connection with her “Midwestern-ness” as I grew up in Minnesota but now live in the Pacific Northwest. Watching her show, the techniques she taught and her enthusiasm helped me to become a quilter. My quilting friends and I all miss her.

  2. When I first saw Nancy, many many years ago, I was astonished and impressed to see that she had not let her partial facial paralysis scare her away from being on TV. She had accepted it and moved on. TV was the best way to share her knowledge about sewing so she used it. What a role model!

  3. I learned many things from Nancy but the sewing tip I use the most is the folded corner that results in perfectly squared corners! Every time I use that technique, I think of her.

  4. Like Melanie, my favorite Nancy Zieman tip is the folded corner method from her book, A to Z sewing hints. She made sewing special and fun!

  5. I have Nancy’s publications with copyright dates in the 1970’s. She was the person who acted as my first and best inspiration for continuing through the tough stuff and working past the sewing”dogs” that weren’t successes. I am a Wisconsin resident and so I’m fortunate in that I have attended many WI Expos, shopped at Nancy Notions Retail Store, and met Nancy in person many times. I can honestly say that Nancy was the most humble person that I ever met. I heard her state that she was raised with good work ethics (she came from a family of farmers) that she modeled with perseverance through her continued strength and passion. She improved the sewing world. She was defined by her work and never gave up giving more to the sewing industry. I can only hope that I would be able to leave a smaller legacy, so much smaller than what Nancy left, by continuing to craft and improve my skills as a seamstress.

  6. I continue to be inspired by Nancy Zieman’s relentless cheerfulness and grace when facing difficult situations whether or not those situations are sewing related or related to the world at large.

  7. From the time I first discovered Sewing with Nancy, I enjoyed the tips shared by her and her guests. Her show and her life were inspiring.

  8. I just love Sewing with Nancy. The show is one of my routine watches. Nancy is such an inspiration to all. I like the way she made her show a variety of crafts. It is not a one pony show.

  9. I continue to watch Sewing with Nancy. Over the years she has provided so much sewing inspiration and tips. Thanks to Nancy and her wonderful teaching of all kinds of sewing and quilting.

  10. I tend to be a perfectionist, and somehow Nancy’s down-to-earth demeanor has helped me to be less timid about just trying something new, even if my first attempt is not as exact as I’d like.

  11. I learned so many sewing tips from Nancy over the years, but after reading her book and learning about all her health issues. I learned to never give up, don’t make excuses, keep pushing on and trust in the Lord

  12. I have ready purchased The Rest of the Story as I so enjoyed Seams Unlikely. I find it inspiring that Nancy continued teaching all of her viewers while suffering through cancer treatments. My local quilt shop owner shared with me the message from Baby Lock near the end of Nancy’s journey and I wondered at how Nancy had continued. Reading your blog entry brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sharing with us your life with Nancy.

  13. I have watched her shows from the beginning. In fact watching Row by Row at this very moment. My mother was a quilter ever since I can remember. Before that she cut and sewed clothing for me without patterns. I also have sewn since I can remember, starting with doll clothes when I was 5-6. I would tell my children to lay on the floor so I can draw you to make shorts, PJs etc. Even though I was experienced sewist I always enjoyed watching her and always seemed to learn something. She will be missed and forever remembered.

  14. I did not grow up in a family who sewed or quilted. When I married in 1972 I gained a grandmother who was a quilter. She did all the work for me then advised that she wouldn’t be here forever and it was time to learn how to make quilts and sew garments myself! Nancy was my first teacher and inspiration. As the years progressed she expanded my horizons and today I am so very grateful to her. I still have no immediate family members who are quilters but my great-niece who will soon be ten has found the love and relaxation that comes with quilting and I hope to be as much as an inspiration to her as Nancy was to me.

  15. I still watch Sewing with Nancy. All of her tips on quilting have been very beneficial to me. She always explained it in a down to earth way that anyone could follow her instructions.

  16. I enjoyed Nancy’s calm and patient teaching style–makes me slow down and enjoy the process–what a gift she was to the sewing world and everyone else she interacted with!

  17. Thank you for sharing your Nancy Story, it is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. My favorite tip I use is the wavey stitch when under stitching a facing. But I also remember and use the folded corner as another seamstress mentioned earlier. I watched Sewing with Nancy every week and taped many of the shows. I read her book, borrowed from our library, and would love to read her husbands book also. Nancy is missed my so many.

  18. What a beautiful story of a wonderful friendship. I spent many hours watching Nancy on public television, she as so informative and pleasant to watch. I think she had innumerable people praying for her. She will be sorely missed. ;-> Toni Anne

  19. She was one of a kind in the sewing community and will be greatly missed. I still watch her shows ok PBS and learn somethin new even though I may have already seen it once before. She will live on in my world.

  20. I have been watching Nancy for too many years to recount. I am in my 50s now and have only been sewing for the past eight or nine years. But because of all her past shows that I have so immensely enjoyed I have learned many many sewing techniques that have made sewing a joy! Recently opened my little Etsy store mias sew happy stitchin to sell all the inventory from many projects I have enjoyed making.
    I too have had many health challenges and sewing was the only thing I was able to do … and could only do so in about 10 minute increments . I can’t tell you how sad I was at the loss of this great & inspiring teacher!
    I will be asking for both of her books at the local library!

  21. Sewing can be quite intimidating but one thing Nancy did was make you feel like you could do it, you could see the arm on that dress, quilt that 9 patch and it would turn out beautiful. Nancy was a teacher to those who never sat at a sewing machine and seasoned pros alike. Ten yrs ago I was just starting out, sewing quilts from my toddler daughters old clothes, Sewing with Nancy gave me the confidence I needed, now after having many of my quilts in IQF and Quiltcon shows I can say Nancy was such a wonderful influence on my now favorite hobby! Thank you Nancy!

  22. My favorite moment with Nancy took place at a local park, not a sewing or quilting event. (We lived in the same city in Wisconsin.) This was in the early 1990s and both my daughter and her son were young enough to be playing on the playground equipment. I’d been watching Sewing with Nancy on TV at home, and from the top of the slide, my daughter recognized the woman who sat down on the park bench next to me as “that lady!” My daughter came running over, a little starstruck and wide-eyed, as if to say (but she didn’t, at least not then), “Mom, do you know who that is?” Nancy was so down-to-earth and humble and kind. I’ve enjoyed taking classes at Nancy’s Notions through the years, and learned so much.

  23. I would sit, as a young mom, and watch Sewing With Nancy. My mom was a seamstress, but most of her sewing was after all the kids were in bed. I love her little tips at the end of so many of Nancy’s shows. The folded corner technique is brilliant and I have used it lots on my quilting. It is always hard to lose a friend.

  24. I have watched Nancy since the very beginning. I look forward to Saturday when my sewing shows are on and am very disappointed when they have been preempted. No matter how many reruns I watch, I always take away something new I have learned. Every time I use her hint to make a turned square corner, I think of Nancy. What a beautiful person inside and out!

  25. Nancy Zieman was the first “famous” seamstress I met. In the 1980s, I took a class from her at the Puyallup, WA Sew Expo. I was an inexperienced sewer, and I was so impressed with her patience. If someone didn’t understand an instruction, Nancy would explain it a different way and a different way and a different way until she was confident every student understood. She became my model for how to teach others to sew.

  26. Your tribute to Nancy is especially meaningful today. My best friend entered a hospice program today after a three year battle against first one cancer and then another. After years of treatment, some excruciating, she was hoping for remission. Instead three more types of cancer blossomed and have quickly drained her of energy. But they did not drain her of spirit and faith. She has managed to get her mind and her spirit around her situation, established a plan of action, distributed her favorite things to her favorite people, said her good byes, and all the while kept smiling and laughing and encouraging the rest of us. She has taught us courage and grace and faith; she’s taught us to be thankful every day for even the slightest pleasure or joy. She’s shown us what to do and be.

    1. Congratulations Donna! You were randomly chosen to receive a copy of Nancy Zieman: The Rest of the Story! We’ll ship it to the address we have on file.

  27. Watching Sewing With Nancy gave me all kinds of ways to sew things . She helped me learn how to teach in front of my Quilt Guild and my Family. Gave me confidence that I could do it. After reading her book Seams Unlikely and knowing what she went through I knew I was a wimp so I had to get braver and get more confidence and just do it. Nancy showed me this. So I do teach to my Family once a year in Eastern Canada and here in El Paso area. Nancy has taught me so much about displays and sewing, talking, repetition and smiling. An amazing person. It is wonderful to have her Videos , DVDs , and books so be able to visit with her again. Just so sad to not have her here. I am looking forward to reading this next book. Sincerely Carolyn

  28. I learned how to miter the corners of binding. That one was huge! I also loved the folded corner trick. I use it every time.

  29. I grew up near Beaver Dam so always felt that Nancy was “mine”. That something so special could be created near my seemingly ordinary life made me so curious about a person who works so hard to make her goals come true. Maybe I could succeed at mine too! I loved Nancy’s embrace of landscape quilts and learned a lot from her and Natalie’s episodes and book.

  30. Nancy Zeiman was the first person that I saw on tv doing contemporary sewing. My experience was based on my mother’s idea of sewing – only clothing and very conservative clothing at that. I looked forward to seeing her show every week – looked forward to seeing her embellish, embroider and quilt.
    Her sweet, gentle personality was such a inspiration on those Saturday mornings and I miss seeing her on those days.

  31. I loved Nancy’s show especially the one about altering garment patterns to fit. I learned so much with that series and it has helped as I sew for my grandchildren.

  32. I think the biggest thing I learned from Nancy was to be adaptable. I watched her from the earliest times (as soon as we received TV coverage for her channel in our rural area anyway). Over the years, she changed or updated techniques to go with the times and technology as it came available. I miss her, and still watch her show.

  33. Watched Nancy and used her books for many years. My mom taught me to sew, but she lived 1500 miles away–there was no Skype then. Nancy’s advice always came in handy. Her tips and lessons helped me become the seamstress and quilter that I am now at 71. (I still have a long way to go.)

  34. I followed Nancy for years. I sewed clothing for myself and my children for many years before I started quilting. She always showed me the skills and tips I needed to be successful with my sewing. I feel like the sewing skills I have I owe to her. I miss her and appreciate the tributes you’ve given her in your blogs.

  35. Besides sewing techniques I learned from watching her show I also learned that you can move past the things in life that hold most people back. I always was inspired by her story of how she turned to sewing when her facial paralysis kept her from being cheerleader or prom queen during her teenage years. She also did not let it stop her from hosting her television show. In a world where we place so much emphasis on looks it took a lot of grace and courage to achieve what she did and become such an inspiration to so many people. Nobody remembers who the cheerleaders or prom queens were but we will always remember Nancy.

  36. Nancy taught me to think beyond the obvious. I learned to believe in myself, that I could do anything I set my mind to. Her tutorials logically took us thru the steps necessary to achieve our goal…whether a dress, coat, quilt, or any objective in life.

  37. I loved how Nancy showcased worthy causes at the end of each “Sewing with Nancy” program. She was truly an inspiration.

  38. When I first started teaching sewing in an adult ed program with our local public school system, Nancy presented a class to our teachers. This was in the early 70’s, before she started Sewing with Nancy. She was working for another sewing company. She has influenced my sewing ever since — well over 40 years. I continue to watch her videos and it is inspiring to read about the strength of her life.

  39. Coffee and Sewing with Nancy was my saturday morning routine for over 25 years. I learned so much. She was a very special woman.

  40. When Nancy passed I felt like I had lost a friend. I watched her on TV and went to Sewing weekends. She was a true inspiration.

  41. I first saw Nancy in her early days before she even started Nancy’s Notions. She came and did a demo at our local high school. We received her 1-page supplies list, and I have followed her ever since. I was at one of her seminars a few years back, at the quilt expo and marveled at how she could make everyone in the room feel she was “our friend”. Her book was outstanding, and I still think she left us too soon.

  42. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have watched Nancy Zieman on PBS for many years, and have met her several times at PNW SEW EXPO, and the last time in Madison, WI at her Sew Expo. I can not pinpoint just one thing that I learned from her. But her joy of sewing with children was an inspiration for sewing with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you, Nancy.

  43. Back in the early 90s, watching Nancy on PBS, I was intoduced to this round razor blade pizza cutter contraption called the olfa rotary cutter. My life forever changed by that tool she demonstrated. Her lessons were simple, not only did I learn better sewing techniques, I learned to exhibit better grace. I wonder how different all of our lives would have been without her? Thank you Nancy for keeping sewing alive just long enough for us all to tag along.

  44. I watched Sewing with Nancy from the early years. I have always loved it. It was a joy to watch with my mother-in -law when she was alive. I have learned so many things from her.

  45. I think Nancy was the very best sewing teacher on TV. I always watched her program and when I had a sewing problem, I turned to Nancy because I knew she would have the best solution to my problem. She was such a gracious lady in a time that the country needed that example . I feel like I lost a special friend.

  46. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I watcher her show for years, and I was fortunate to get to attend her lectures when she came to a local event a few years ago. She was so gracious and so humorous! I think I will remember every word she said for as long as I live or as long as my memory last. There just aren’t words to express how much the sewing world misses her.

  47. I love her A to Z book and have an autographed copy. I first met her at one of the 1st sewing expo at the Tacoma Dome. At the expo spring of 2001 we had an earthquake. At her class the next day she joked that it was quite a welcome to the NW. She was a gem and I miss her. I didn’t learn of her death until a couple months later as I was in the U of W hospital getting a stem cell transplant from Nov. 9 to Jan 10th. My husband knew but didn’t want to tell me anything he knew would sadden me.

  48. Many years ago, I “discovered” Nancy on PBS and I thought to myself, “ what a pretty lady .” Then I thought , “wow, what an expert sewer! “
    She made everything look so efertless.
    I was hooked from that first show and I loved the fact that she had so many talented sewing people guest on her shows, sharing their tips and techniques. Her shows were never boring.
    I still save her tips and techniques on Pinterest.
    Nancy will never die, as long as there are new people wanting to learn to sew and Nancy is on the internet, still teaching. And her books are filled with sewing tips and techniques. She lives on.
    Having fought the dreaded cancer battle myself, I am deeply saddened to learn she has passed on. My deepest condolences to her family and to her friends.

  49. I remember first seeing Nancy on TV and thinking she was brave for doing a show when she looked different. I know now that she was brave in so many ways. I am forever grateful that I grew up watching Sewing With Nancy. She is greatly missed.

  50. I learned to sew in home economics. My family had no sewers. After graduate school, we lived ten years over seas. When I returned to USA, I was surprised at all the new products. New fabrics, new tools, new measurements for knits as opposed to cotton and on and on. I took a few classes to try to catch up.
    I discovered Nancy’s sewing program on Pubic Tv. I taped these to keep reviewing. Nancy constantly introduced “ new” products. Who know the evolution in elastic, etc. Nancy into ducked the evolution of sewing methods. Watching Nancy kept me on top of everything new in the sewing world.
    Her physical struggles were part of her life. She never took her physical struggles as an excuse. Her face no detriment. She showed the American women that determination not physical appearance can bring success. Love her sprit and faith. She is a real genuine Star.

  51. I watched her for years. When I got an embroidery machine, I watched how she used “sticky back” stabilizer and it was an awakening moment for me. Used what I learned from her yesterday in a project. She had such grace and will be missed by sewers and quilters and embroidery folks. I loved her programs.

  52. I have loved “Sewing with Nancy” for many years. I learned to sew from my mom, who was an excellent seamstress, but I learned to enjoy sewing from Nancy. Nancy’s shows, books and DVD’s set an example for others to follow. Her programs were always so very well organized and carefully planned. She was an inspiration and will be greatly missed. I remember the day I learned how to make Nancy’s sharp corner by folding it over before sewing, each time I make that perfect corner I think of her.

  53. I have enjoyed sewing since my first home economics class back in the day when schools taught a little sewing. However Nancy’s show was my main source to learn sewing. Now, in retirement, sewing is a favourite pastime.

  54. Thanks for sharing your beautiful connection with Nancy. I watched her on TV and sewed along with her while my children were growing up and then continued on to her last shows. She was an inspiration and encouragement to this busy mom.

  55. Sewing with Nancy is one of a few worthwhile TV shows I can watch without feeling like I really should be doing laundry, or vacuuming or whatever. From her I’ve learned to relax and enjoy the process rather than make sewing a stressful endeavor that has to be absolutely perfect. My favorite shows are the ones where I’ve learned to mend, alter or recycle items and use scraps for this and that. I’ve used Nancy’s tips on altering jeans for family members and replacing zippers in jackets and jeans the easy way. She has definitely helped us to save $$$ . I start my mornings with a devotional time, a cup of coffee and then squeeze in most of Sewing with Nancy before I have to head out to my exercise class at the Y. I love to watch her even if the project is one I would not choose to do. It is a most pleasant way to start my mornings.

  56. It was very emotional to hear the story of your your special relationship with Nancy. She certainly was an amazing person of strength, grace, and faith. I have all the booklets she published in her earlier days, plus many of her later books and DVD’s. I am a lifetime sewist, quilter, and embroiderer and can’t begin to count all the ways she taught and encouraged me. I am still a customer at Nancy’s Notions and appreciate that her legacy is continuing.

  57. I Watched every day – even reruns. Always learned something from her many Guests, including you Weeks. Just loved the program with 1″ inserts. I love to sew, now I mostly do quilts. Thank you to Nancy, her family and all her guests.

  58. My favorite part of the PBS Sewing with Nancy segments are the guest spot, sharing unique ways of giving to others. I also appreciate that her shows are available for rewatching, sharing.

  59. I loved Nancy since she first appeared on television, and I have many, many of her books and videos. We were just talking the other day about how hard it is to watch reruns of her shows on PBS, knowing she is no longer here. She was certainly a very amazing woman, and I don’t think there will ever be another Nancy. She was one of a kind.

  60. Besides all of the sewing tips and advice, Nancy’s greatest influence on me was seeing how she did not let her physical impairment keep her from pursuing her calling. I have often thought about how many lives would have been lessened had Nancy let embarassment stand in the way and not ventured out into the world of television. To me, in many ways Nancy’s story is one of forgetting about herself in giving to others, which is where so much joy can be found.

  61. What a great lady! I used to watch her show on our local PBS station. The show was not on for awhile and now it is back again. I am recording every episode. She has taught a generation to sew and will continue to do so in the future. What a wonderful legacy!

  62. Nancy was a natural teacher with such grace and knowledge. Sewing With Nancy is a classic for all of us quilters and sewers. She was truly Number One on our views!

  63. I enjoyed Sewing with Nancy throughout my life. She was an inspiration and knew everything about clothing construction and quilting.

  64. I co-ordinate a machine embroidery club, but we cover many other topics, also. She has given me many ideas over the years to show in the classes & was a good teacher for how to teach well. Thanks Nancy!

  65. My mom watched Sewing with Nancy when I was a kid. I started watching her just in the last few amazed how strong of a person she really was. I read her book seams unlikely from the library.My mom started teaching me how to quilt in the last 8 yrs. I also liked her newer shows , sewing with her grand daughters. Really sweet

  66. I learned so much about giving and charity and the ability to fill the needs of communities near and far. She shared so much with all of us.

  67. I couldn’t begin to describe all that I have learned through Nancy’s books and television program – so much! I’ve purchased many tools, books, patterns and misc notions that I continue to benefit from. I will miss watching her each week. She was an outstanding teacher. I didn’t know she was sick until I heard she passed away. I was very saddened, especially for her family.

  68. Nancy has been a role model for just about anyone in the US (and beyond) who has sewed a garment or made a quilt or something home dec over the past four decades. I regret that I never got to see her in person, but I am grateful to her family for sharing her with legions of us over our lifetimes, that Nancy was an example of a strong, resourceful, smart woman, and that we have the legacy of Sewing With Nancy. Here’s to hoping PBS decides to run episodes forever.

  69. Nancy’s impact on me and on multitudes of others could never be measured nor imagined. She encouraged and helped us believe that even a little bit of individuality added to the simplest of garments or home accessories would bring the piece to life. She empowered countless of us to take steps, even baby ones, to be creative. She was an amazing balance of gentle and strong, confident and curious, generous and humble. Her life’s passion for all things sewing began as a pebble in a pond and because of her remarkable spirit will radiate out infinitely. I’m forever grateful for having known her through her work.

  70. I also met Nancy many years ago when she was at a Sewing event in Sharonville, Ohio. She was a very nice person. She has left behind an amazing legacy of sewing videos, books and patterns for future sewers to learn from. She is our sewing angel helping us all with our creations.

  71. Loved her warm smile and thoughtful tips. Like others have mentioned, specifically the tip about making corners by folding! She is missed.

  72. What did Nancy teach me? While she was an amazing television personality and she could sew anything, I think the most important thing I learned from Nancy was that – ANYONE can do anything! I love that! I miss her shows!

  73. I don’t mean this to sound trite but I learned almost everything about sewing from Nancy. I avidly watched every show on my PBS station. Then when I went to work and got a tape recorder, I taped all the shows so I could watch them on Saturday or Sunday. She taught so many people so many things.

  74. I still watch Nancy in her PBS reruns. It’s like visiting an old friend. It stings a bit to watch knowing she’s gone. But I’m still learning from her. Her gracious, sweet personality will forever be missed.

  75. I enjoyed watching Nancy tv show for many years.She always explain things so even if you didn’t have a lot of experience sewing, you could understand what she was doing. She made me feel like I was right there with her and she was talking to a friend.

  76. I started watching Nancy when I retired. From her lessons I developed a great love for quilting even though I had taught home everything for 26 years. I have been teaching quilting now for 19 years. I thank her for her gracious manner and love of teaching. I try to be as able to teach as well!

  77. I admired Nancy not only for her great sewing knowledge and skill but also for her great faith and generous nature. She was an inspiration to us all.

  78. My Mom taught me to sew, but Nancy expanded my sewing knowledge and help me become a better person overall. The one thing that I learned from her is the 10, 20, 30 minutes to sew. I get so much accomplished with that short amount of time. I still watch the show on my local PBS station. Like everyone else has said, I miss her.

  79. Home Economics classes in school did not leave me with good feelings about sewing.

    Nancy Zieman is largely responsible for changing that. Her easy to follow instructions, sense of humor, and creativity helped make sewing and quilting a joy for me.

    I was very saddened by Nancy’s death. It must have been so difficult to write her farewell letter to us. I will remember Nancy as a kind and giving person, and think of her often as I use her sewing techniques- too many to mention here!

  80. I have watched and admired Nancy since she stated her first show.I have bought lots of things from her catalog through the years. She inspired me a whole lot.I even bought a cup to drink my morning coffee, on Saturday mornings while watching her.( With her name on it)
    I was so very sad when she passed away.I still am.I always wanted to meet her, but never had the chance to.When she passed away, it was like I had lost my best Friend. My heart goes out to her family, What a Great and Wonderful Lady.

  81. What I didn’t learn about sewing from my mother, I learned from watching Sewing with Nancy. In fact, my mom and I would watch the show together. I always admired Nancy and the business she built, her TV shows, and her lifelong devotion to teaching sewing. She is sorely missed, and I’m so grateful that her husband has written another book about her life.

  82. Thank you Nancy, for giving me the courage to try new sewing tasks and give me the insider’s point of view about all things sewing, quilting and embroidery. I was fortunate enough to grow with you and attend one of your lectures in Puyallup and witness what a wonderful relationship you had with your friend Mary. You are dearly loved and dearly missed. My friends talk about you in sewing classes. I hear your name mentioned in podcasts and Vlogs. You truly made a difference in the world Nancy. Love to your family and all those employed by the business you started.

  83. Nancy had a guest on her show one time who told about how we could
    sew clothes for children and make Care Bags for children in Appalachia.
    I started doing this and was so excited one time to meet Nancy at Expo
    and tell her thank you as she autographed her biography. Hearing about
    that ministry on her show was so important to me.
    Virginia Grant

  84. I just loved listening to her, loved her calm voice. Didn’t realize how much I thought of her as a friend till I read her biography. Met her several times over the years and never got over thinking of her as a down home celebrity.

  85. Carolyn D
    Nancy was truly an inspiration and a joy to many. Her husband and family though it was difficult, I am sure, were blessed to be a part of her life as she was to have them in hers. God blesses us and challenges us so we may bless and teach others. He has provided a way to continue that bond you had together through eternity. I am grateful for all the support that all did for us.

  86. Nancy was such an inspiration. Her legacy and passion for teaching people lives on through her books and tv shows.

  87. I just like everyone else enjoyed watching Sewing with Nancy. I learned so much from her because her style was so comfortable and easygoing it did not seem like she was teaching but rather chatting with friends.

    I learned grain of fabrics straight of grain and bias and why one is better suited for this than that.

    She shared what a lovely woman she was

  88. I have learned so many things from watching Nancy but most of all to break sewing down into the small steps and not to give up. She will be missed by so many

  89. I’ve enjoyed watching and learning from Nancy since I young growing up.
    I’m glad her show is still on! How wonderful that you met and had a friendship
    with her. I can only imagine how tough that last phone call was for you both.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  90. Your post is very touching. I wish I had met Nancy but we all feel like we know her from her shows. I loved Seams Unlikely and was even more inspired by her after reading it. Thanks for sharing about Nancy and The Rest of the Story. I look forward to reading it soon.

  91. Thank you for sharing your story. She was such a great role model. Reading all these stories is a reminder to me that I need love other and give them my all, even I’m feeling bad. Its amazing how she put others at ease and put others first even while she was in hospice.

  92. Nancy was like one of my aunts. My aunts and mother would always watch Sewing with Nancy. She taught them and they taught me how to sew and quilt. When she passed it was like losing a family member. I still watch her shows online. She was a great teacher and role model.

  93. Beyond all the wonderful ideas and information about sewing that Nancy imparted to me through Sewing with Nancy, I learned that a successful person is most often an humble person. I met Miss Nancy in Huntsville, AL several years ago at the first Martha Pullen Quilt Academy. I wasn’t into quilting at the time and knew none of the other “big” names that gave lectures over the three day event. I went solely to hear Nancy Zieman and was privileged to meet this lovely lady in person. She was only there for the first day, but that made the whole weekend for me. I later learned to appreciate the other great artists that were at that academy and the ones to follow, but never did I go just to see one person specifically as I did at that first event with Miss Nancy. She is indeed greatly missed by so many.

  94. As a male sewer, I have learned many things from Nancy Zieman and have admired her for many years. I am sad that I never got to meet her but her legacy lives on in everything she has taught so many of us.

  95. I learned a lot of quilting techniques from Nancy. But what really struck me was how she did not let her health issues impact her calling to educate so many.

  96. I am grateful to have been able to watch her shows on TV and learn from all of them. I also have a couple of serger books she wrote. What a treasure they are now. She will be missed.

  97. Nancy’s passing was like losing a best friend and mentor. I never had the opportunity to meet her in person, but we had coffee every Saturday morning on PBS. Much of what I learned about the sewing art I learned from Nancy. I look forward to reading the Rest of the Story about this gracious teacher.

  98. Nancy Zieman was one of the most innovative people ever to be in the field of sewing and quilting. I loved watching her sit at the machine and sew…when she made a mistake the same way I have so many times, it simply made her human. Her sewing program set the bar for all the others who have come after it and many fall way short. She is a true inspiration to me as a sewer and a person. She is truly missed.

  99. I knew of Nancy Zieman, but I did not know Nancy and did not watch her television show. When she died last year I read about her accomplishments and what a trend setter she was in the sewing and quilting world. She was an amazing woman! I can’t wait to read Nancy’s book Seams Unlikely and her husband’s book Nancy Zieman The Rest of the Story. Thank you Weeks for sharing a little bit of the friendship you and Nancy shared.

  100. I learned about Landscape Quilting from her. I’ve watched every episode she did on this multiple times and I have all of her books on this subject. She will be so missed by the sewing community.

  101. As a young mom myself in the early eighties, I started watching her program on Wednesday afternoons in my area, and Nancy opened a whole new world of sewing ideas and notions to me. She made it faster and easier for me to make clothing for my children, gifts for everyone on my list and decorate my home. This Wednesday afternoon habit of mine was not to the liking of my children who wanted to watch cartoons instead, but they persevered and my daughter and grand daughters now love to sew too. It all comes back around!
    Thank you, Nancy, until next time…

  102. As a young mom myself in the early eighties I started watching Sewing With Nancy, on Wednesday afternoons in my area, and Nancy opened a whole new world of sewing ideas and notions to me. She made it faster and easier for me to make clothing for my children, gifts for everyone on my list and decorate my home. This Wednesday afternoon habit of mine was not to the liking of my children who wanted to watch cartoons instead, but they persevered and now my daughter and grand daughters now love to sew too. It all comes back around!
    Thank you, Nancy, until next time…

  103. Nancy’s show covered so many aspects of the sewing world. Dressmaking, doll clothes, quilting of all kinds and more. Each show was so well done and taught gave many tips on how to make it by breaking it down to simple steps. It was a joy to watch and an inspiration too.

  104. Nancy’s videos, catalog and Sewing with Nancy have been such a big part of my life for longer than I can think. I will be 70 shortly and I remember her first little Nancy’s Notions catalog. Wow, did it ever expand. She is truly missed in my life, but when I see old videos with her in them, I feel like she’s still with us.

  105. When my kids were very young, I watched Nancy Zieman and taped some of the episodes. I wasn’t able to continue watching her, but she was a great teacher. Some of my basic sewing skills I learned from her tv shows and books.

  106. Nancy was an inspirational woman. Many years ago I was on a bus tour of Nancy’s Notions which gave the group a behind the scenes look at the successful business that Nancy built. She excelled at being a good person as well.

  107. I’ve always enjoyed watching Nancy on TV as have collected her books over the years. I’ve been impressed with her sewing skill and her ability to impart good technique. From all of those who knew her it’s clear she was an amazing and special person and I wish I had known her personally. As hard as it is for all her friends and family who miss her it’s so exciting to know she not only is no longer suffering but is face to face with God now. What an amazing bleasing for her. And how exciting to know I may meet her yet in Heaven. It’s clear God used her as a witnessfor many. My prayers go out to her family and friends who will always miss her.

  108. What a wonderful friend you were to Mancy. I loved watching her show. She always taught the correct way to finish off garments, etc. which helped me immensely.

  109. Although my mother and grandmother were both seamstresses, I did not start sewing until I had my first child. Watching Nancy gave me a sense that I could sew too, and I was a faithful follower. She taught me soooo much.

  110. Nancy Zieman has inspired and encouraged my sewing in more ways than I can count. From her books to her blog and all of the PBS videos, I have learned so much, honed and advanced skills and learned about being gracious through the challenges of life. I may not have met Nancy personally, but she was the friend I turned to with sewing questions! We spent many hours together as she taught and I watched and listened about the best way to insert an invisible zipper, easy ways to hem your jeans or learning to free-motion quilt. She is greatly missed, but I am grateful that the legacy of her life’s work lives on through all of us who loved her and called her friend.
    Warm regards,

  111. I have loved and followed Nancy from I did my ECDL in Computers in 2003. Nancy was a tower of strength how she so dignifiedly carried her illness and shared herself with the world. I still receive her emails and read everyone. I pray that in her internal life that she has as much joy and happiness as she shared so unselfishly with the sewing world. “ Rest in Peace Dear Nancy”.

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