Quilting Magazines: An Endangered Species?

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We were saddened to read today that publisher F&W is shuttering four craft magazines including Modern Patchwork and Quilty. In the past few years, we’ve watched one quilting magazine after another close. It’s heartbreaking to see so many talented writers, photographers, art directors and staff lose their livelihoods. However, those who follow industry statistics know that quilting industry growth has remained statistically flat for the past few years. Fabric designers know that the notoriously long production schedules for traditional magazines mean that it’s extremely unlikely that by the time the magazine is printed that the fabrics shown will still be available. Many fabric lines have a life span of under a year and magazines book quilt features over a year in advance. Advertisers know that they must divide their ad budgets among a variety of sources that didn’t exist when most of these magazines began.

Although we are sad to lose beloved publications, we want to reassure our readers that Modern Quilts Illustrated and all of our other publications have very different business models and continue to enjoy robust sales. Modern Quilt Studio has a project in an upcoming issue of Modern Patchwork and we hope that the company’s plans to finish  issues already in production before they cease includes the issue that will feature our quilt project. Either way, we have three publications already in the pipeline to share with you in the coming few months so stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Quilting Magazines: An Endangered Species?

  1. I own all your publications.They are inspiring because of the easy to follow layouts and photographs that beautifully show the finished products! Keep up the good work!

  2. I hope that you will be able to continue to publish Modern Quilts Illustrated. I have all the issues thus far. I also subscribe to other quilting magazines, and have seen them drop publication over the last several years. It’s sad to think that our quilting industry is slowing down. There are so many brilliant designers, and beautiful books and magazines with all styles of quilting. I enjoy seeing them all, and they are an inspiration to me.
    Good luck for the future.

  3. I have all of your magazines and look forward to each new edition. I’m almost finished Living Large from Modern Patchwork. I learn something new with each pattern!

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