Sewing with Nancy DVD Giveaway!

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Like you, I have watched Sewing with Nancy over the years and admired Nancy Zieman’s skills and down-to-earth personality.   We met Nancy several years ago and have found her to be a warm and generous person as well. I drove Bill crazy while reading Seams Unlikely, Nancy’s autobiography. I kept saying, “You’re never going to believe this!” followed by reading aloud the part of the book that surprised me. It is an extraordinarily inspiring read. Your heart will break for her at times and you’ll find yourself gasping, “Oh my goodness…” a lot. Mostly you will get a glimpse of how a woman in small-town Wisconsin started an iconic TV show and overcame hurdle after hurdle after hurdle all while giving birth, adopting a child and managing a growing business.

So when Nancy emailed last spring asking if we would be guests on Sewing with Nancy, we were thrilled and decided to publish Magic Inch Quilts in conjunction with our appearance on the show. Sewing with Nancy is a well-oiled machine staffed with highly competent people who have worked with Nancy for decades. We talked through the content of the episodes and planned out with Nancy the step-outs and sequence of the projects. She’s quick, decisive and very thorough because she knows exactly what the viewer needs to see to understand the concept without wasting a minute.

Sewing with Nancy airs at different times across North America. While some watched our episodes in December, others told me they just saw one just last weekend. If you missed them, head over to where you’ll be able to see both episodes and find a treasure trove of All Things Nancy. If you’d like to win a copy of the DVD of both episodes, leave a comment below telling us what you’ve learned from Nancy over the years. We’ll randomly draw a winner on Tuesday, February 7. [Note: given that the DVD is formatted for US DVD players, we will only ship the DVD to a US address. Thanks for your understanding.]


24 thoughts on “Sewing with Nancy DVD Giveaway!

  1. I have learned ‘sew’ many things from watching Sewing with Nancy! I still have a big binder of the booklets from each show! We are talking a long time ago! Lol. A wealth of knowledge gained from her shows.

  2. I have followed Nancy for years and learned most of the basic sewing skills I know from her. I’ve always found her to be a teacher who gives precise, clear instructions much like you and Bill. I was amazed to see how simple the Magic Inch quilt is to make and will watch the show again to be sure I caught everything. Nancy has always been one of my favorites. Thank you for offering this give away.

  3. Nancy’s blog post was my first knowledge of your Magic Inch Quilts. I’ve learned so much from Nancy’s shows it’s impossible to narrow to only one. Best wishes to you and Bill.

    aquiltersplayhouse at gmail dot com

  4. Nancy is like a long-time friend, part of your family. I’ve watched her show since our kids were small; they’re in their 30’s now. (Sometimes her 30 minute show was the only “me-time” I got all week.) Those days were hard, but they were fun, too! I learned a lot about sewing from her. But most of all, I learned to keep going. Life is hard — but keep going!!! (Ok, keep sewing too! Because that really helps!)

  5. Nancy Zieman epitomizes kindness and generosity. In addition to all the quilting and sewing tips I’ve picked up from watching “Sewing with Nancy”, I am always reminded to treat others well when I see the show, get her catalog or hear her name mentioned.

  6. I was so excited to see you and Bill on Sewing for Nancy; the episodes aired on my station in January. I took a class with Bill a few years ago and he mentioned the high esteem you both have for Nancy Zieman, so it was wonderful to see you on Nancy’s show and see the new quilt designs presented. I hope to make the Whiskers quilt sometime soon.

  7. The Magic Inch episodes are terrific. So many good tips – using the pins so not to get confused. . .marking to line things up. . .just to name a few! Nancy Zieman has always been a source of great sewing inspiration. She makes it all looks easy!

  8. I first started watching Nancy years ago. She gave me the courage to attempt a dress for my baby girl with gathers! It wasn’t half
    bad, and I have continued to do sewing off and on through the years.

  9. The better question is what haven’t I learned from Nancy over the years. She is sewer, Quilter, textile guru. Plus she is a nice person. I watch all her shows, buy her books and send questions to her staff. In some ways I miss Wisconsin and Nancy.

  10. I have followed Nancy for years learned so many tips and techniques. Your contributions to the sewing community has been a great service for all of us thank you Nancy

  11. I’ve learned many things over the years, but want to mention how much I appreciate Nancy’s frequent focus on using sewing skills in philanthropic ways. The pillowcase-to-little dress project is one example. And there are many more. Thanks, Nancy, for all your shared talents and your good heart.

  12. I am constantly learning new techniques from NANCY her directions andthe wonderful guests she shares with us is inspirational.

  13. I started watching Nancy when I was making my own clothing. Learned a lot of excellent tips from her on tailoring. The last few years her shows on quilting have been very good. I always smile when I see some of those tailoring hints come through in the piecing instructions. Enjoyed watching the episodes you were in.

  14. I have enjoyed her show for a number of years. I was delighted when I heard you were going to be on the show. What I have enjoyed the most about the program is the pace at which the projects flow. I am able to follow the program and enjoy the lessons.

  15. I began watching Sewing with Nancy soon after I started quilting, just a few years ago. I still distinctly remember the ‘triangles’ episode where she shared the exact measurements to add to finished dimensions to create HSTs and QSTs. It gave me confidence to move from simple squares and rectangles to something more challenging. But beyond the concrete, each show has taught me to balance specific skills and patterns with a curiosity about the interesting things others are doing!

  16. I started watching Nancy when I was abled. But I truly learned from her when I became disabled. Whenever I thought I couldn’t do something because of my disability I just thought, Nancy never said, “I can’t host a TV show because of my Bell’s palsy.”

  17. Nancy has taught me many basic sewing skills. I especially liked the episodes on Column Quilts and the ones on what you can sew with Rectangles. I aldi enjoy when she showcases a charity or quilter at the end of the program.

  18. Nancy has taught me many basic sewing skills. I especially liked the episodes on Column Quilts and the ones on what you can sew with Rectangles. I also enjoy when she showcases a charity or quilter at the end of the program.

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