Mod Squad: Why the Midwest only?

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I wanted to respond to some of the many unhappy people about the Mod Squad call from my perspective.

I asked Quilts, Inc. for an exhibit that was open to everyone who made modern quilts. They chose to limit it to the states that border the show venue: Chicago. It’s their show and they make the calls. I have passed on the disappointment of those from other states who would like to participate and hope they change their minds about this limitation. The thing to remember is that this exhibit happened because I made a calm and reasonable argument for why it was needed. If you would like there to be more opportunities for modern quilts at the shows you frequent, contact the show organizers and explain your thoughts. If the call for Mod Squad is expanded, I’ll post it here but please remember that I’m only one voice. If you want something changed, advocate for it.

One thought on “Mod Squad: Why the Midwest only?

  1. I too thought it sounded like a great idea and regret that New England is not part of it. I particularly like your working definition of modern ….being functional….
    Diane…..From New Hampshire

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