The Mod Squad Wants You!


Bill and I have been working for 16 years to increase the opportunities for modern quilters to share their work with others. The Modern Quilt Guild has done a great job promoting the work of their members but many quilters who make modern quilts also make traditional quilts and have been a part of a local guild for decades. I felt as though there should be opportunities for modern quilters of all guilds to be able to share their work. So I asked Quilts, Inc. and they agreed.

The Mod Squad show will be exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago from April 7-9, 2016. Here’s the link for the specifics to enter your quilt in the show. We’re hoping that there will be a great showing of folks from local guilds as well as Modern Quilt Guild members. Quilts, Inc. has chosen to make the exhibit regional so only quilters from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Manitoba or Ontario may participate in the exhibit. For the purposes of this exhibit, the quilts need to be modern designs (not based on 19th century designs like Log Cabin, Churn Dash etc.) and the quilts must be functional. If it can go through the washing machine and could be used for warmth even for a baby, consider it functional. Any colors, any fabrics, any techniques may be submitted. The minimum size is 36″x36″. I look forward to seeing all of your great work at the Chicago show and thank Quilts, Inc. for creating a wonderful new opportunity for modern quilters.

8 thoughts on “The Mod Squad Wants You!

  1. Thank you for doing this! My quilts have always been modern, but I’ve always found my quilting community in my local guild and the so-called traditional quilting world, so for me at least, this inclusive approach feels just right. Looking forward to seeing the exhibit (even if only online).

    1. We calculated once that we’ve taught over 10,000 students in the past 16 yrs. 90% of them are not members of the Modern Quilt Guild for the reasons you cite. MQG is a great organization but if you were part of a guild making modern quilts before they organized, there are very few opportunities to exhibit your work anywhere. I really wanted a totally inclusive show that had nothing to do with guild memberships — just the work. It took a lot of conversations and emails but this is a start. Hoping it will expand to Houston at some point as well. I’m guessing it depends on whether or not people participate or not.

  2. Thanks for posting this Weeks! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for all of us – Looking forward to submitting some of our quilts to you! Linda & Carl from

  3. Oh – just look at the guideline submissions – we live in North Carolina so It looks like we cannot submit – but I do hope you’ll post pictures of the exhibit for us all to enjoy!

  4. Sorry I’m dense, are these going to be in Chicago or Houston? The registration/application link seems to be for Houston not Chicago or is the Mod exhibit through the link, and I haven’t reached it, yet? I’m in Illinois so interested to submit ( seriously doubt if I’d be accepted ) but very interested in attending a viewing if in Chicago.

    1. A staff person for Quilts Inc, who will be curating the exhibit, is based in Houston. The exhibit is in Chicago at Rosemont Convention Center, where it’s been in the past. It sounds as if they will have all of the quilts sent to Houston and they will take them to Chicago. I don’t know the logistics but the administrator is in Houston and the exhibit in Chicago.

  5. Thanks for helping expand the opportunities. It’s a bummer that I won’t be able to sumbit since I don’t live in those regions. I’m glad to see more national shows including modern categories, too. Thanks for doing your part to share the modern aesthetic!

  6. I’ve submitted an entry! I live in Indiana and almost always attend the Chicago show and would be thrilled to see one of my quilts there. I too have always been involved in traditional quilting groups and I suspect they all think I’m a little crazy. One lady keeps asking me where are my borders? Lol

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