Our YouTube Channel is Up!


For years our students have asked for tutorials and tips on various topics. We’ve begun making and uploading videos on the new Modern Quilt Studio YouTube Channel. We’re making videos based on the techniques and advice that we’re most frequently asked about.

The absolute first tutorial had to be our binding method. Although we’ve detailed it in books, it’s so much easier to watch someone do it with explanations about what’s tricky and advice on getting the perfect miter. If you love the tutorial and have trouble finding the Clover bias tape maker, we sell them in our online store.

circle video still

We’ve also added a tutorial for insetting circles. You can’t imagine how many thousands of times we’ve been asked about this. No special ruler. No special gizmo. No sewing machine attachment is needed. Just careful cutting and methodical pinning. Bill will show you that it requires care and consistency but you can master it in 10 minutes.

On YouTube there are Playlists on various topics so we’re starting a series of tutorials on color that we hope you’ll find useful. The first is on Desert Island Solids. Desert Island Solids is a name we’ve given to a group of solids that we find are most frequently the answer to the question: what color should I use with these prints? If you were on a desert island and could only take a handful of the most useful solids, these are the ones you’d want.


With the hundreds of classes we’ve taught we’ve discovered that some fabrics act as neutrals, even though they may have gold, green or blue in them. Each video on the playlist will feature one of the Desert Island Solids so you can see how it looks with prints in a variety of colors and fabric styles. Our Desert Island Solids are also sold as Fat Quarter bundles on our website so you can use a fat quarter to audition before you purchase the amount you’ll need for your project. You’ll find on the tag on the Desert Island Solids bundles, the names and manufacturers of each fabric in the bundle. If your local quilt shop doesn’t carry one you’re looking for, we sell them as well on our site and ship free to US addresses. Remember, even with brights, sometimes a neutral will help them glow. Regardless of the style of quilt or the fabrics used, one of the fabrics in this bundle will work with any project you’re working on. Take a look at the videos. We hope you find them helpful.

We have a list of topics and techniques for future videos but would love to hear which tutorials or topics you’ll most want to see on our channel. Let us know in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “Our YouTube Channel is Up!

  1. These videos are excellent. I learn so much more quickly if I watch how something is done. Thank you for posting these videos.

  2. So pleased about the videos -you are right seeing how something is done just makes it ‘click’ far easier than reading about it. I am expecting to learn loads from them as a very inexperienced quilter. Love the blog.


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