Coming in July 2015 – Barbados!

design, fabric

Just in time for summer! Modern Quilt Studio’s new fabric line Barbados is perfect for a summer skirt, a casual summer shirt for your favorite man or a lightweight quilt for cool summer evenings. Get ready, get set, MAKE! When our yardage arrives it will be in our web store but ask your local quilt shop if they will be carrying it so you can find as much as you need locally.

Here’s the link to the free pattern we’re currently making.

6 thoughts on “Coming in July 2015 – Barbados!

    1. There’s nothing traditional about these prints so I would think that a modern shop would like the graphic quality to them. In person they are rich in color, not pastel at all. They should be an easy sell to an LQS looking for something that’s both versatile and modern.

      1. Thanks Weeks. Sounds like a much easier sell if they’re brighter in person. Do you manufacture your own fabric, or is it done through a third party? Sorry, just me being curious about everything.

  1. We’ve designed fabric several hundred prints for three quilt fabric manufacturers over the past 12 yrs. For the past 4 yrs we’ve been licensing our fabric designs to Andover who sells and distributes it worldwide. We try to use rich, clear colors that will not look dated in 2 yrs. If the shop is looking for hot pink and acid green, this isn’t the line for them. There’s plenty of that out there already. These each have a white element in them because the line was intended for a summer release in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s the link to the swatches up close

  2. Love those blues! When I went to the Andover site, I could see the details of each design. I’m smitten with the woven look of so many of the prints. Well done!

    1. Thanks Karen. We were looking at the charm and timelessness of feedback prints and wanted to do a line that had an easy scale to work with but was airy and light while still modern. I hope you’ll be able to work with them when they make it into stores. I love the dots as well, which are made using patterns from fan coral.

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