Clover Giveaway!


Note: We did not receive money from Clover to post this giveaway. We just like their products so we thought our readers might like to win a prize.

I fell in love with Clover tools when I made my first modern quilt in 1987 while living in Tokyo. I love the way they feel in my hands and their quality. Hands down, they are the best tools on the market. When I began to knit, I used their knitting needles and now how quite the collection of Clover bamboo double-pointed knitting needles.If there’s a choice between a Clover tool and another tool, I will always opt for the Clover one.

So I totally admit to fangirling out when a Clover employee walked into our booth at Quilt Market a few years ago. I’m afraid I totally gushed. In fact I gushed so much that the nice people at Clover recently sent us some of their new rainbow-colored Wonder Clips (a must for anyone who sews) and 7 different types of their Black Gold super smooth hand quilting needles to give away to our Facebook fans. We love the Wonder Clips especially for sewing bindings onto quilts, attaching vinyl or leather when pins are not a good choice and when I’m trying to corral a bunch of templates or pieces for quilt blocks. Wonder Clips are as essential for me as a great pair of scissors. The Black Gold needles are wonderful for hand applique and hand quilting but also extremely useful for people who hand sew their quilt bindings.


To enter the giveaway, you’ll need to like the Modern Quilt Studio Facebook page and leave a comment about your favorite tool. It can even be about a tool that doesn’t exist but you wish someone would invent. We’ll randomly choose 8 winners and mail them anywhere in the world because they are light. You have until Friday May 8 at midnight to enter!

31 thoughts on “Clover Giveaway!

  1. I already “like you” on Facebook but I would love to try the knitting needles (haven’t seen them) or the wonder clips (which being a quilter would be even more useful)

  2. I’d like not to have an unpicker as my favourite tool but my new one (happens to be Clover) does make life SO much easier when unpicking needs to be done!

  3. Wonder clips are the best! I hate pinning, tried the binder clips and the ones that look like hair clips, hands down favorite are wonder clips.

  4. I, too, like the new Rainbow clips. They are much easier to use than the old hair clip style ones. Right now I only have the red ones. I also use the Clover pointer when sewing – it helps to keep the pieces from swaying.

  5. I LOVE your appliqué pins because they are the perfect length and my thread doesn’t get caught on the smooth heads. The Wonder Clips are great, too – how neat that they are in multi-colors now!

  6. I love my clover tools!! I was gifted the needle threader and thought…how silly…until I used it! How AWESOME is what I think now! I have a clover seam ripper which is a new addition in my life, and I love the grip of the handle. My red clips are used for lots of things besides binding. I group stacks of blocks together with them too. F/B friend already.

  7. I already like you on facebook. I have many Clover tools, but my favourite is the needle threader. What an invention!

  8. My favorite tool is a small bamboo skewer that I keep next to the machine (standing up in a wooden spool that I velcroed to the top of the machine table). I use it for holding down fabric together and nudging it under the needle when needed. Would love to try the wonder clips and needles!

  9. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try the Wonder Clips. And I love Clover Tools too. One of my favorite tools is a chalk wheel that I use for quilt marking. I’ve been following your Facebook page for a long time. I love your designs!

  10. Love you on FB! Using the Black Gold Needles makes hand sewing the binding as easy as slicing through melted butter! LOVE the Black Gold Needles!!

  11. The Clover Flower Head Pins (FINE), 0.45 mm are a SUPERB product for the bridal and formalwear sewing that I do in addition to quilting. And, of course, the seam ripper can’t be beat.

  12. I’ve already liked you on FB. I like everything Clover, so this is difficult… I’m going to pick the split ring stitch holders for knitting. I use them to count rows (one every 10 rows).

  13. I liked modern quilt studio on Facebook, thank you for sharing that! I love my clover seam rippers (I have 3). I would love to try the wonder clips!

  14. After trying many brands of seam rippers, I discovered the white clover one. I am a happy quilter even though I do have to use it often!!
    Have gifted several to my quilting friends. When attending a retreat and find someone who hasn’t used it, I place it in their hand and say” just try it”. Hope to never be without it.

  15. I like your facebook page with the name Reagan Caleb.My favorite sewing tool are wonder clips because I hate getting stuck by pins.

  16. I already like you on Facebook. I agree with you about loving Clover products and I use many of them. One of my favorites are their extra fine pins. I have found that my machine piecing is much more accurate because the pins are so fine they do not distort the fabric when you pin pieces together.

  17. It’s nice of you to offer the give away. I hope you will consider not requiring a Facebook like for future giveaways, because there are still a few of us who are not on Facebook. I do like Clover tools, and my favorite these days would be the Wonder Clips.

    1. Susan – Unfortunately people hire us or not based on things like Facebook followers, Pinterest followers, Instragram followers etc. It’s not enough that we do our best work. We have to also maintain certain numbers because that’s how our industry works. I understand that you may not want to use Facebook but we have to because those numbers matter in our industry.

  18. I already like you on Facebook and my favorite tool is the seam ripper. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. My favorite tools are Clover bias maker (learned about it from one of your books several yrs ago) and the wonder clips!

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