The New Craft Nectar


In January I launched a new blog, Yes It’s My Real Name, because I yearned for a place to write about non-work topics. I’ve loved the short, and occasionally longer, daily posts I write there and had initially decided to give up this blog. However, on a daily basis I get notifications that more and more people have begun following this blog. So Bill and I decided that we’ll maintain two blogs. We’ll use Yes It’s My Real Name for daily thoughts unrelated to work. We’re reimagining Craft Nectar as the official blog of Modern Quilt Studio so we can continue to add to the 262 posts I’ve written, which have been read by over 1.2 million visitors on this site. I (Weeks) will be doing most of the writing here but Bill will occasionally post as well.


Our goal is to feature some shorter tips for quilters, updates on what we’re working on and inspiration that we find in our travels. As always we’ll continue to post images and news on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well but longer thoughts and tutorials will appear here. We’ll also have a giveaway to two! We’re also going to re-post some posts from the past six years that answer questions we are frequently asked such as “Why do you think it’s important to prewash fabrics?” or “What kind of iron do you recommend?” or our most popular post ever, “How do I clean my sewing machine?” So stay tuned.

Let us know which topics are of interest to you and we’ll see if we can write something helpful. Hope you like the new look. More about that pattern in our header in the coming weeks!

10 thoughts on “The New Craft Nectar

  1. A great way to re-purpose the space. I just started following blogs in general- I believe your goals will fill a need in community. I look forward to your posts.

    1. Sandra – I’d be interested in your thoughts about which needs you think this will fill. Always good to hear another perspective.

  2. Yea!!! I’ve been reading your new blog daily and really enjoy it. But, I’ve always enjoyed this one, too. As Mary Ann said, I get to have my cake and eat it, too!

    1. Thank you. I worried no one would read it but my readership suddenly tripled this week so people must be discovering it. Glad you’re interested in both formats.

  3. Weeks, the subtle, beautiful effect of the prints on the translucency of the circles had me studying your header for a long time! So I was very happy to read that there is more coming about this pattern! Thank you to you and Bill for sharing your design processes and your encouragement!

    1. Thank you Kitrinka. We designed those fabrics, the Color Collection, to be able to do just what you see in the header. We have been delighted that people have found how useful that line is for whatever genre of quilts people make.

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