Yes. It’s My Real Name.



The truth is that I started this blog in January 2009 shortly after I had been released from the ICU and told that I would “never return to normal” and I needed “to prepare [my] family.” The physicians thought I had pulmonary fibrosis which is degenerative and fatal. “We’ve done everything we can…” were the words I was given when I was sent home. I was unable to speak in full sentences and gasped for air every few seconds. I needed to get off certain medications before they could test me for this deadly illness. It was a bleak scenario. I began this blog as a way to occupy my mind and feel productive because the medications prevented me from sleeping all but two hours daily. Bill took pictures for me and uploaded them to my laptop in bed. It was pretty much all I could do for those three months.

When my health improved I began wanting to write about things other than craft but was worried about losing the audience I had so carefully built. Last fall I began wanting to write with no constraints small posts daily and began considering new titles for my new blog. I settled on “Yes. It’s my real name.” because it is the question I am so frequently asked. I decided this title had the open-ended, light-hearted feel that I wanted to carry into my writing. My agenda for Yes. It’s My Real Name is simple: start off the day with a nice thought. I won’t be trying to sell you anything. I won’t have guest posts or advertising. I’m just writing for me and anyone else who’d like to drop in and join the conversation. Just Weeks and whatever is on my mind when I open my laptop in the morning. Hope you’ll drop by.

18 thoughts on “Yes. It’s My Real Name.

  1. Welcome back Weeks! I look forward to ‘hearing’ your shared thoughts…..let’s talk. Dawn

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  2. It will be my pleasure to join you on this journey. I have found you to be so inspirational via your Facebook posts and am looking forward to exploring this new to me blog.

  3. I’m in. I’ve enjoyed so much of your technical writing and now I look forward to hearing from your contemplative side. Welcome back!

  4. It was a wonderful surprise to receive your email this morning! I have always enjoyed your Craft Nectar posts, and I look forward to joining this new conversation. Thank you for this invitation…

  5. I, too, am honored to be invited to read your new blog. I wish you continued good health and lots of wonderful fosters like Bonema.

  6. You are amazing, in many ways! I met you at a quilt show and could see how genuine you are. I hope you cotinue to improve every day. I love your work. Bless you.

  7. I love the new name! As someone who always hears, “Oh…but Bernie is a boy’s name.” I so understand it. I enjoy hearing whatever you have to share. Thanks, Weeks!

  8. Weeks,

    I just love u and Bill. I love your work, your creativity, your personalities and your blog. How lucky for us all that u came through your tragic experience with such a positive attitude. Thanks for all u do!

    Linda Perry


  9. Hi Weeks! Glad you’re able to give us all the opportunity to enjoy your writings again! Tally Ho!! From another adopting mom.

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