Next up: Quilt Expo Madison


We’ve just returned from the AQS show in Grand Rapids but will be packing the van up soon for Madison. Quilt Expo in Madison is a fundraiser for Wisconsin Public Television and (the Master of All Things Sewn) Nancy Zieman. For the past three years in Madison we’ve had a small booth where we sell our fabrics, magazines, books, calendars and patterns and it has been a wonderful and fun event for us. This year Nancy Zieman’s office called (gasp — I know — right?!) and asked if I’d be interested in doing some lectures at the Expo. Now let’s be clear about this: even if I were on my death bed, if anyone related to Nancy Zieman asked me to do anything, the answer is yes. I have no interest in celebrities. I don’t care about housewives of whatever or what the Kardashians are doing (which is probably very little I’m guessing). But I’m in awe of people like Nancy Zieman who have built themselves wonderful organizations started in her case in her dining room making videos from hard work, expertise, treating people well and being a smart business person.

So I’ll be giving a lecture every day at 11:30am. On Thursday and Saturday, I’ll be giving a lecture entitled Quilts Made Modern, describing what makes a quilt modern and taking attendees step-by-step through a typical commission. On Friday I’ll be lecturing on Improvisational Quilting and showing various improvisational piecing techniques. I’ll also discuss strategies for quilting improvisational quilts. The rest of the time I’ll be vending in booth #534.

Here’s a link to the Advance Registration Guide, which includes the list of lectures.

One thought on “Next up: Quilt Expo Madison

  1. Well said, Weeks – I share your “awe” of Nancy Zieman. I am signed up for your Modern Quilts class at Expo. Looking forward to the class and shopping in your booth.

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