End of Bolt Sale!



We’re clearing the decks in our online store for new fabric lines coming our way. Some of these bargains are remnants from commissions or kits and are priced at the equivalent of $5/yd. Sorry but we cannot cut these pieces smaller. There are also fabrics available by the yard (1 yd minimum please) for $6/yd. We’re adding new fabrics periodically to our sale pages so check back periodically if you’re interested in bargains. As always, shipping to US addresses is FREE!

5 thoughts on “End of Bolt Sale!

  1. I received my end of bolt fabric order today and I was not disappointed. You never quite know what you will get when you order online…does my monitor display the fabric color accurately? Who knows! But what I did know is that you both have such an eye for color and fabric and I like just about 100% of what I have seen you create in the way of quilts. Based on that, I thought I could trust that whatever I ordered, regardless of whether it looked like what was on my monitor, I would probably like it…..and I love both of the fabrics I ordered!

    1. Thanks for letting us know Rhonda. We’re delighted that you’re happy with your order. Most of the fabrics on sale are tone-on-tones or blenders but they are very useful. It’s hard to fine top-quality fabric for $5-6/yd so I’m happy you got some bargains.

  2. Hi
    I just read your post/pintrest on making a sensory blanket… I am blessed to have family member who can sew!

    I was wondering what material you thought would be best to do this with…
    I have twin boys with sensory issues and i think this would help them… and i am thinking of making one for their beds and one for in the car and to carry around the house…

    thanks so much!
    laurie hebbe

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