4 thoughts on “QuiltCon 2015

  1. This is really exciting news. I am going to try to build our first winter of retirement around ending up in Austin in February. I know it would be a fabulous and inspiring conference if we can swing it.

  2. I just booked my hotel room and put a watch on for air fares….next…to get up early and be ready to sign up for your class. I took your Craftsy class and it was awesome!!! There are so many concepts I have used from your class. I am really hoping I get into your class to listen and learn in person! To, to, to excited!

  3. THIS time I will not dawdle. I will sign up the MINUTE classes go live on the website. I’m predicting that your classes sell out in 10 minutes this time, and the QuiltCon website crashes from the rush of people trying to sign up.

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