75% off Craftsy classes (including mine today only!)


300x250If you’ve ever wanted to take my Craftsy class, TODAY is the day to sign up. It’s normally $39.99. Today it’s $9.99! The offer expires at midnight and you can watch it anytime. There are also lots of new classes including some for cooking, drawing, painting, knitting and of course quilting. See you on Craftsy!

4 thoughts on “75% off Craftsy classes (including mine today only!)

  1. I signed up for the class a while ago, and I must say, it is worth it at FULL PRICE! Still enjoying it immensely. :)

    And yes, I even watched the sushi documentary you mentioned.

  2. I was lucky enough to find your class on this day and enrolled. Am finally getting some time to watch. What a wonderful course! I almost feel guilty for getting the course at such a discount. You are an amazing instructor and so much material to digest. Thank you!

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