Craftsy Cruise – Part 5


corn-clue Amazing Cozumel Race

We arrived in Cozumel this morning to glorious sunshine and mariachi bands at the pier. After finding our hosts for the Amazing Cozumel Race, we were given all of the maps and information we needed to begin the race. All of the teams were asked to choose names and we chose Speedy Gonzales because it’s a long running family joke. All of the teams were piled into taxi vans and dropped off at an open-air shopping center. We had to count the differences in two pictures and add up a series of numbers to figure out the next destination on the map.



Throughout the rest of the race we were asked to decipher clues based on information we found in a museum, at a temporary tattoo stand (why yes, that is the Mayan number for 9 seemingly permanently etched on my ankle), a bracelet placed on Sophie’s arm, a clue placed inside an ear of corn and even snorkeling to find the name of a sunken ship among others.


The clues were fun and seeing the local part of Cozumel was wonderful. I told Bill that I thought every city should arranged such a “tour.” We did not win the race but had a lot of fun.


Art of the Navigator of the Seas

Before we boarded the ship I read something about Royal Caribbean having an art collection. Honestly I was envisioning one step up from dogs playing poker but in fact it has been an interesting part of our excursion.

art-at-elevators art-on-stairs-2 art-on-stairs-3 art-on-stairs

The art, which is primarily in stairways and other public spaces on board, rotates. So as you’re heading to breakfast, you might notice that the painting that used to be on the landing of the stairs is now a large photograph. The changing of the art provides an interesting sense of exploration and it a nice discovery when you realize that it’s new. Not all of the art is to my taste but it’s nice to have lots of different art to view each day, especially as we are a family always prefers to take the stairs.


Last day at sea

Tomorrow is our last day and we are at sea. Bill and I will give the same lecture twice (once each to 2 different groups) followed by a trunk show. Students say that they’ve enjoyed the classes and the variety of projects. The Craftsy folks report that they hope to offer another cruise so stay tuned to see how you can enjoy the fun next time.


4 thoughts on “Craftsy Cruise – Part 5

  1. Thank you, Weeks for this wonderful journal of your quilting cruise. I’ve vicariously enjoyed all the little things you’ve noticed and mentioned. Going on one of these cruises would be a dream come true. Maybe someday. Safe home!

  2. I’ve been on two Royal Caribbean cruises and never noticed that the art rotated actually during the cruise. If we go again I’ll have to remember to pay closer attention. Cool!

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