you choose the cover of Issue #5




Bill and I were torn over which of these two photos to use for the cover of Modern Quilts Illustrated Issue #5, which goes to print soon. So we posted both options on Facebook and had 200 opinions in an hour. Not wanting to slight those of you who aren’t Facebook users, you’re welcome to cast your votes here as well! Just leave “windowseat” or “chair” in the comments section. FYI, the pillow is the non-quilt project in this issue and the shot that isn’t on the cover will be used as the project shot for the Keeping Tabs quilt in the pattern section. On Facebook, the chair shot is slightly in the lead so we’ll see if you non-Facebook users have a different voice. All precincts are open now but close Thursday night!

85 thoughts on “you choose the cover of Issue #5

  1. Window-seat. The chair one looks like a lot of other photos I’ve seen of quilts, the window-seat makes me want to sit there and look out the window while wrapped in the quilt.

  2. I like the seat because the other reminds me too much of your recent book cover. I am also intrigued by the pillow and think that will draw interest.

  3. Forgot to say, loved your presentation at the Ohio Valley Quilt Guild. Can’t wait to receive my book in the mail. Hope you made it home safe.

  4. I think the window seat. It fits the one third, two thirds landscape rule, its not about the quilt, its about the design in that photo for me.

  5. Chair….shows more of quilt.
    Thank you for your books and advice. I just finished my 3rd quilt – Queen size on home machine – and bindings always turn out will following your ‘one step binding method’.

  6. In your classes section I saw
    July–August — Modern Quilt Studio’s West Coast Road Trip lectures and workshops from Seattle to LA
    How can we learn more details on where and when you will be on this coast?

  7. Actually I like the window-seat as a photo best but if you want to catch the buyer’s eye I think the chair photo would be better. Greetings from Germany

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