Patchwork Sassaman Style Blog Tour and Giveaway!

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Say you’re headed to a year on a desert island and you can only take fabrics from 5 designers. Whose would they be? Among those 5 for me would certainly be Jane Sassaman’s. Bill and I have known Jane since our days at FreeSpirit a decade ago and always look forward to seeing her latest lines. The love for Jane’s fabrics extends beyond just Bill and me but also to our daughter Sophie who sleeps on this pillowcase every day.

At her request we have made skirts, tote bags, pillowcases, zippered pouches and even a handle bar bag from Jane’s gorgeous cottons. At 11 Sophie can spot a Jane Sassaman fabric at every quilt shop she visits. So when Jane’s new book Patchwork Sassaman Style arrived at our house I knew that I would not be the only one oohing and aaahing with every page.

Large-scale fabrics can be especially tricky for some quilters to use so this book will give them a wealth of ideas as to how to best use them. Jane offered to answer a few questions about her life and changes in the quilting world since we first met a decade ago.

Describe your typical day.

When I’m at home I roll out of bed and head for the gym, 5 days a week, hopefully. Then I can “quilt without guilt” for the rest of the day! Then I run errands and head home. I spend the rest of the day there, until about 6:00. I spend everyday, all day, in the studio… I’m afraid I have forgotten how to do anything else!

How often do you teach?

I teach, on average, about twice a month.

What changes have you observed in the quilting community in the past 5 yrs? Have those changes made people more open to large-scale fabrics like yours?

When I first started designing, over 10 years ago, large prints were few and far between. There is a new “fashion consciousness” in the quilting world today and I think it’s exciting. There are so many quilting styles that are acceptable today, so there is something for everyone. It’s still a bit of a hard sell, since quilters think they have to cut up that beautiful fabric and that’s not always easy to do. That’s why I wrote the book… to show all the things I’ve learned by using big prints.

Are there aspects of fabric design, writing books, making quilts that you haven’t explored yet but plan to in the future?

I am very interested in translating my designs into digital embroidery. I’ve played a bit with the digitizing software on my Bernina 730 and the potential is mind boggling. It wakes me up in the middle of the night with all the possibilities. I’m also very interested in putting my designs on other objects like plates, tiles, carpets, etc. Seems a waste to use a nice design only once!

If someone had some of your fabric and wanted to use it with other fabrics in their stash, what guidelines would you suggest for auditioning those other fabrics?

I love when my fabrics play nicely with others. One of the main criteria for mixing fabrics is always color. Since my colors are so clear and bright you need to find other fabrics with the same color intensity. The cleanness of the graphic is also something to consider. Often Kaffe Fassett’s and Amy Butler fabrics are good playmates with Sassaman fabrics. Solids and simple geometric prints are often a great compliment for big prints, too.

Thanks to Jane and her publisher, I’m able to give away a copy of Patchwork Sassaman Style to a lucky reader with a US mailing address. Leave a comment about the challenges, if any, that you’ve had working with large-scale prints and what you’ve learned. We’ll randomly pick a name and get you your very own copy courtesy of Dragon Threads Press. You have until July 15 to enter! There are many more stops on this tour so keep clicking for more chances to win!

JULY     name                blog

2   Laura Wasilowski

3   Jessica Sloan

5   Judy Coates Perez

6   Jane Sassaman

7   Linda Teufel

8   Gloria Hansen

9   Melissa Peda

10  Susan B Knapp

11  Jacquie Gering

12  Weeks Ringle

13  SewCalGal

14  Jessica Kovach

15  Pam Matthews

16  Frieda Anderson

17  Pat Sloan

18  Jan Krentz

19  Anita Grossman Solomon

20  Lyric Kinard

21 The Quilt Show

22  Jane La Fazio

23  Free Spirit

24  Nancy Zieman

130 thoughts on “Patchwork Sassaman Style Blog Tour and Giveaway!

  1. Jane’s work – quilts, fabrics, books – are all great. I’d love to have a copy of this new book. Trudi

  2. When I first started quilting I was drawn in by large scale prints but was very disappointed with them after cutting. As a result, I tend to stay away from large scale prints unless I plan on using them for a backing.

  3. I like to adapt traditional blocks and I’ve been happy when I scale up to show the big prints to their advantage.

  4. I use Jane’s fabrics in my suitcase! I have made beautiful bags for my shoes, undergarments etc. When I look at them, I smile because I know Jane! I have also used them to accompany some of the fabric from Weeks and Bill’s lines.

  5. Large prints certainly can be a challenge. Sometimes my blocks are too small to truly take advantage of the lovely designs but. I can still take advantage of the great colors. I’d love to see how Jane addresses it in her book.

  6. I do find it difficult to get large scale prints to play well together. Seeing how she does it in her books and classes makes it seem so much easier and inspiring.

  7. I don’t have any large-scale prints currently in my stash, but one thing I would want to consider is the direction of movement in the pattern. I’d want to line up patches to figure out the best sense of movement in the quilt.

    Love jane’s work and hope I can win the book!

  8. I’d love to have a chance to win. I don’t have much experience with large scale fabrics. the book would give me a good excuse to try them out.

  9. The tip about guidelines for using large scale prints is the best. I would luv to win Jane’s book to help me learn how to work with that fabric style. Thanks for the contest.

  10. I’m so challenged with large scale prints that they typically languish in my stash…I’m afraid to cut. Usually use them for allover pattern like tote bags. Love your beautiful pillowcases! Clearly, I need new inspiration!

  11. I took a class from Jane 10 years ago. She was wonderful! I love her fabrics used in big tote bags. Those pillowcases are a great idea!

  12. I JUST found about about Jane’s wonderful designs yesterday and spent an hour reading all I could find.

    I have years-old border print fabric I have no idea how to use… a book like this would really help me out. :)

  13. The challenge with large scale prints is just exactly where to “selectively” cut to get that just right piece for my block. Great website and great book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Love those pillowcases! Everything I see made with Jane’s fabrics are beautiful. I’d love to win a copy of her book! Please count me in!

  15. I will have to admit that I’m scared of large-scale prints and even if the pattern and colors are lovely, I do not buy them because I don’t know how to handle them. I am so inspired by all I’ve been reading about Jane and her book. I really must get her book so my ‘fear level’ lowers and I can buy those fabrics I admire.

  16. I often use large scale prints for backings so I can see the wonderful design but would love to know how to incorporate them better in my quilts. Thanks for the chance to win Jane’s new book.

  17. I used large floral print fabrics by Kaffe Fassett in a BOM a couple of years back. Many of the pieces in the quilt were quite small, finishing at 1″. Lots of people said it wouldn’t work, but it did. The quilt has won a couple of ribbons!

  18. I’ve collected large prints lately because there are so many more now, and-they just call to me. I am also intimidated by them – unsure how to handle them in patterns. I will definitely buy this book if I don’t win it!
    Thanks for the chance-

  19. I took a class from Jane several years ago and still have the beautiful fabric that I bought from her. This book would guide to do something with the fabric and make my husband very happy that I was using up some of my stash.

  20. I rarely – ok, never – use large scale prints like Jane’s, so I’d love to expand my quilting horizons with Jane’s new book. It looks amazing from what I’ve seen.

  21. Thank you for the giveaway! I’d love to win this book.

    My biggest challenge has to be cutting into them — I only buy large-scale prints that I absolutely love, and then struggle to find just the right use for them. In my mind, they always first turn into darling receiving blankets for friends’ new babies, but in the real world I rarely find the time to make something for those new babies, and the fabric stays on the shelf.

  22. great interview–I’m so jealous of her “typical day”! I’m somewhat unsure how to really work with large prints so this book would be appreciated!

  23. One challenge is that I rarely see large-scale prints in quilt shops in my area. I’ve bought a few because they’re so beautiful but they’re still sitting in my stash because I don’t know what to do with them and because I’m afraid I’ll ruin/waste them.

    MiChal in Texas

  24. Large scale prints are a HUGE challenge for me. I’ll put them on my cutting table so I can “savor” them for days! Then, something happens in my brain and I can either cut them up or use them “as is” for large projects.
    Connie in California

  25. I have not worked with large prints because I was never sure how to make them work together. Be great to find a book about them.

  26. I fussy cut large prints when quilting. When sewing garments I use the large prints as the main focus, agian fussy cutting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. The biggest challenge I have with working with large scale prints is finding a pattern that enhances the beauty of the fabric, rather than destroying the beauty of the fabric by cutting it up into tiny pieces. That why I would love to win a copy of Janes latest book.

  28. I find it hard to envision how large scale prints will interact with each other. With smaller prints I mostly view by value and color, with large scale, I’m lost…. I really want to learn how to make interesting quilts like Jane!

  29. It’s always been so hard to cut up Jane’s fabric, but this book shows how beautifully it can be done ! i would love to win Jane’s book !

  30. The hardest part is making that first fussy cut of beautiful fabric. I love fabric so much I am always afraid that I will ruin or waste it, but I am gaing courage as I now use my scraps for fused quilts ala Laura Wasilowski style. Jane’s fabrics have such a tropical/traditional attitude!

  31. I love using large scale prints. I first fell in love with Amish quilts; they almost always have a large border. To me a quilt with a small border looks “wrong”. So I often use a large scale print to put say a 12″ border on a full size quilt.

  32. I love large scale prints, but I have found that they “come and go.” When you want one, they’re hard to find and conversely if you’re not paying attention or not needing them, they are everywhere. I love to use them in borders, fussy cut or make them the focal point of a project.

  33. I haven’t worked with large scale prints in quilting, but I have in garment making. The difficulty is motif placement and the solution is to buy extra fabric and to plan carefully.

  34. I don’t consider large prints a challenge, but I do think about them in a different light than I do smaller motifs. I generally want to leave large prints in larger pieces, so I use them most often in borders or alternate squares when setting up quilts.

  35. What an inspiration Jane is! I don’t have alot of experience sewing with big prints. If I used a big print then I used it as one block. I’d love to learn to sew with big prints and to not feel so intimidated. Jane’s fabrics are so gorgeous! Breath taking!

    Thank you and Jane for a super giveaway and a chance to win an awesome book.


  36. I have been following the tour and today I enjoyed reading more about Jane.
    I still have a hard time trying to figure how to use big floral prints. I think her book would be a big help for me. thanks for a chance.

  37. I’ve attempted working with large scale prints and made a mess of it. Cutting 2.5 inch simple squares caused the fabric design to be lost. So, I know that I can use Jane’s book and improve my abilities.

  38. I never thought about large-scale prints being troublesome until I encountered the fabric that just seemed too pretty to cut up. I could only think to make a very large kimono or a duvet that would keep it intact. That being said, I stick with smaller prints primarily. Maybe when I’ve been bitten by the quilting bug I’ll blend and mix and cut with reckless abandon.

  39. I am always on the lookout for patterns that use large scale prints, as there area often fun novelty prints that we all know don’t look good or show off to their best advantage when chopped up into small pieces for blocks. That’s what makes Jane’s book so appealing. I have been using the “BQ” quilts settings for my large scale blocks lately. Most of the time they turn out pretty nice.

  40. I haven’t had any challenges as of yet because I haven’t made any quilts with large scale prints. So winning this book should get me past this and into some exciting challenges!

  41. My biggest challenge with Jane’s fabric is the fear of cutting into it. I love your pillowcases and can’t wait to make one for my granddaughter.

  42. I am scared of large prints. They look so good in the store but when I get them home I don’t use them. :-(

  43. Love large prints. Hate to cut ’em up!! Lifelong dilemma–to cut up someone else’ beautiful artwork?? :-0

  44. Large prints are always hard to cut into, hard to imagine how they will look, and especially hard to plan how much to buy, but oh so pretty! Those are lovely pillowcases–how fun! I bet they bring about fantastic dreams! Going to have to make me a couple!

  45. One of he best classes I have ever taken was with Jane. She is a delight. I love her prints, although I can be intimidated when trying to figure out how to use them.

  46. I have a hard time cutting large print fabrics because I want to include it all.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win Jane’s book.


  47. I have not worked with very many large scale fabrics but I absolutely love Jane Sassman Quilts and her fabric. I would love to win this book and make the quilts !
    Thanks for sponsoring this chance to win a beautiful book.

  48. I, too, love Jane’s designs. I often use her large print stuff for the back of the quilt so that I can enjoy all of it just as it is. Otherwise, I usually use large center blocks and accent the outside with complimentary colors.

  49. When using large prints I’ve found it’s more important than usual to pay attention to orientation. I use pins in a uniform spot (top right, for example) to help with that.

  50. I love big prints but the challenge is how to use them! I have quite a few cuts sitting on my shelf and would love to win Jane Sassaman’s book for patterns for them. Thanks for the chance.

  51. I am a beginner quilter and so far I’ve only used small prints or solids. Hoping to learn more about how to use big prints.

  52. I would love to have a copy of this book! My challenge with large scale prints is that I tend to want to fussy cut and I am over-mindful of waste. It is hard for me to select and area and possibly consign adjacent areas to the scrap heap.

  53. My problem with big prints is that I usually tend to avoid them! The only thing I will do is fussy cut a large motif from one. However, I love, love, Jane Sassman’s work and would love to win the book and learn more about how to use these gorgeous prints! Thanks for the chance!

  54. my challenges are coordinating colors with large prints. I am working on one right now and it is not my cup of tea. But I will get through it and become a beauty. Judith, Texas

  55. My challenge with big prints is to not chop it up in so many little pieces that you don’t see the fun of the large print.

  56. I love the look of using large scale prints in a quilt like Jane does, but I have never tried it. Her work is simply amazing and so creative. Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  57. Great book! I haven’t used large scale prints much but I love them and would like to give them a try!

  58. I haven’t used large scale prints except for backings and am sure this book would give me the confidence to try using them on the top. I just saw the most beautiful print at the LQS and was wondering what I could make with it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  59. I tend to avoid large scale or just use them for a quilt back. I would love to read more in her book and give it a try.

  60. I have used big block quilts to avoid cutting too much away from beautiful prints.
    I’d love to win the book!

  61. I love using large scale prints in borders, and in large-sized patchwork pieces so that gorgeous fabric has a fighting chance of being seen. Like the others, I also like using them for backs, as I feel it provides some artistic flair and can contrast or harmonize with the front. In fact on my gingham quilt (on the website I used a Jane fabric on the back–quite a contrast from that prim checkerboard on the front.

    And thanks for the chance to win Jane\’s book–I have her other one, and lots of her fabric.

  62. I love the larger prints and I purchase them but I really need Jane’s book to help me deal with them. They remain uncut! :( Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  63. I usually avoid large scale prints although I have a few in my stash waiting to be used. When I have fussy cut to get a repeated design, I end up with large scraps that are difficult to use. I love what Jane is able to create with them and I might just have to pull some out and give it a try. thanks for sharing.

  64. I have used large prints yet mostly because I haven’t found any patterns for them yet until now. Hope to win this book.

  65. I am not usually drawn to large prints as I am not sure how I would use them, but the book would give me a challenge to do so.

  66. I tend to use small pieces of fabric when I piece quilts. So using large scale prints is hard for me, since larger pieces are usually needed to get the best effect from the beautiful large scale fabrics. Also there’s so much color in many of the large scale fabrics that I have difficulties choosing the right fabrics to use together. Jane’s book sounds perfect since I do want to make my quilts look modern.

  67. I rarely use large scale prints. I have a bunch in my stash from when Stack and Whack quilts were all the rage, but only made one.

  68. This looks like a great book that I could use because I tend to steer clear of large prints because I have trouble visualizing them in a quilt. I’ve seen so many large prints that I’ve wanted to buy though. Thanks for the opportunity. I love that your daughter knows so much about fabric.

  69. I usually use large scale prints for pillowcases or the back of quilts. It is a challenge to use them for piecing the fronts.

  70. I LOVE large scale prints, and the challenge I have had is finding patterns to showcase them. I have generally used those large prints to make bags and purses for myself so that I can always enjoy those prints in their full glory!

    1. Thank you for an opportunity to win this fantastic book. Jane mentioned 2 of my favorite designers, Kaffe and Amy Butler.

  71. My biggest challenge is conquering my reluctance to buy large prints! I am learning to appreciate them, however, and winning the book would help me a lot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. I love Jane Sassaman’s work and am clearly drawn to intense color and design. I’ve just vendured into my first official large-scale quilt and can already tell it’s not large enough – this book would help! Thanks for the chance.

  73. I love Jane’s fabrics and designs. i hope that i am fortunate enough to win her book. Also i have bookmarked your blogspot. I like the items you have shown on your blogspot..kristy yenkey

  74. I just hate cutting into large scale prints, so I often use them for backing, but that can also be a little much. I’ve made purses. Now I think I’ll try some pillowcases!

  75. My biggest challenge with working with large prints is finding a way to really showcase the print that I find interesting.

  76. Would love to win this book. Have a few large
    scale prints in my stash. Have not had the
    courage to use them yet….this book will certainly help me! Thanks for the chance to


  77. I love large scale prints for backings and other projects that show their full glory, but haven’t felt comfortable cutting them up. Jane’s fabrics are always so lovely!

  78. It looks like a really cool book! I have some of her older fabrics I keep pulling out trying to decide what to do with!

  79. Those are the best pillowcases I’ve ever seen! I think I will make my own after all, I’d resisted until now, but I love that bright print with a neutral strip, hope to get to read the book someday!

  80. For me, the chanllenge is figuring out how to fussy cut when using a large scale fabric. I would love to win this book to learn more about using them.

    thanks for the opportunity,


  81. For me, the chanllenge is sorting out how to fussy cut when using a large scale fabric. I would love to win this book to learn more about using them.

    thanks for the opportunity,


  82. I have trouble with big prints because I don’t want to cut them! Would love to have this book! Thanks for the chance!

  83. Its difficult to keep the integrity and flow of the print when incorporating it into piecework. Jane’s concepts are so refreshing!

  84. I love the colors and simple sophistication of Jane’s designs. Her fabrics are inspiring and a joy to experience!

  85. I love Jane’s fabrics! They are great to fussy cut because she makes such interesting motifs. Also great for kaleidoscope quilts! Thank you for the opportunity.

  86. her artistic vision is totally original in today’s fabric design world – just a delight to the eye

  87. I love her fabrics!! I have had a hard time doing a fussy cut but I get a little better every time. I like the mirror look.

  88. One of my closest friends took a Jane Sassaman class and created a “drool-able” quilt that I just love out of Jane’s fabrics. What an inspiration to me!!!

  89. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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