QuiltCon: read all about it!


The schedule for QuiltCon is officially out! Between the two of us Bill and I will be teaching 2 3-hr classes, 2 6-hr classes and giving a lecture! We’ll also be showing our fabric at the Andover Fabrics booth between classes. Take a look at the incredible line-up they’ve got and I dare you to find one class you DON’T want to take! Classes are going to fill early — no doubt — so be sure to sign up lickety split. It’s going to be an unforgettable weekend and worth every penny it takes to get there!

Here’s the pdf of the catalog.

4 thoughts on “QuiltCon: read all about it!

  1. Oh yes, I plan to wake up early Aug. 30th to register for your classes. Austin is not far and I always enjoy the city.

  2. #1 problem with big prints is even starting to cut into them..always think there will be an even better project for them.

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