KCMQG blows me away

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After Quilt Market I stayed an extra day in Kansas City to give a lecture at the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. Bill and I give a lot of lectures and see a lot of show-and-tells in the process but this one blew us away. Every quilt in the show and tell was a quilt made from one of our patterns. I told Bill it was like the old TV show from the 60s-70s This is Your Life but in quilts. It was so touching to see so many quilts made from our patterns all in one place. Our Plain Spoken pattern from Modern Quilt Workshop (2005) clearly has a lot of fans. I asked someone to videotape the show and tell because I wanted Bill to see it but I also thought you might want to see it as well. Here’s the link.

8 thoughts on “KCMQG blows me away

  1. It was so much fun. Thanks for staying that extra day. I love my Small World quilt. So happy I made it and got to share it with you.

  2. I just LOVE seeing Show and Tell at any meeting or class I go to!! These ladies did an awesome job! How great to have these ladies show you your own patterns, too. Very Nice.

  3. what a fabulous show and tell! SO inspiring. You should be so proud, Bill and Weeks. It must be thrilling to see your patterns used in so many different ways, and giving pleasure to so many quilters (and the lucky people who were the recipients of quilt gifts). Thank you so much for posting the link.
    Pamela L.

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