Hey Bloggers! Review Copies of Modern Quilts Illustrated #1 Available


I was thinking about doing a blog tour when we released Modern Quilts Illustrated last year but I kind of thought it would be nice to open it up to people who might be interested in reviewing our magazine but whose blogs we might not know about. SO — if you would like the chance to look over a copy of Modern Quilts Illustrated #1, please send me an email (weeks@modernquiltstudio.com) with the name of your blog and your mailing address. We’re working on Issue #3 right now so it would be helpful to hear reactions. We still have a very small bunch of subscribers and we’re trying to avoid taking on advertisers, which keeps the price higher than we wish it could be but we feel as though the quality of the paper, content and the design set it apart from other magazines out there. So let me know if you’d like to take a peek.

19 thoughts on “Hey Bloggers! Review Copies of Modern Quilts Illustrated #1 Available

  1. I’m in Australia and I (and several friends) would be a subscriber to this magazine if you actually used some kind of subscriber system, including paypal or some other payment system. I know I can send you an email with my credit card details, but I don’t think that’s a very safe practice. (I’ve had illegal transactions on my credit cards before so I’m very cautious!)

    Is there anyway you could set up a Bigcartel or similar? Or even an Etsy shop?

    On another matter, I bought your Transparency Quilts book at AQC in Melbourne on the weekend – what a fantastic book! Can’t wait to read it from start to finish. Congratulations to you both.

    1. Oh! I got the name of my blog wrong in my last comment (confusing state of logging into wordpress and it insisting I have a wordpress blog which I don’t!)

      1. You are certainly welcome to call us with your credit card information. Most people who email send their info in a series of emails for security. We’re in the process of setting up an e-commerce component to our website that will also help. But even working 15-17 hrs a day,7 days a week, we can’t always get everything done as quickly as we’d like and the start-up costs for launching an independent magazine are significant.

    2. I’m in Australia too, and I have recieved two copies of Modern Quilts Illustrated. It was easy – just ring and leave your details. Check the time zones, and you may even get to speak to real person! I am going to take them to our next sit and sew event – http://www.melbournemodernquiltguild.com
      so if you are in Melbourne, come along and meet other modern quilters and have a look at them.
      They are definitely worth the money, worth the effort and worth the time.
      I got mine last week, just in time for my birthday, and I have been reading and rereading them since.
      Most magazines cost this much, and this one has no advertising, the paper quality is divine, and the instructions are so clear even my non sewing friend is convinced he can make one. The thing I am realising about most quilting magazines is that they do not have great instructions. This magazine does.

      I remember my mother buying American Cottons by mail order in the 1960s – she would order in the afternoon by phone, and they would arrive 6- 8 weeks later. She would send a money order from Melbourne, or an international cheque, which we would go into ‘town’ for. We would all be so excited to see the fabrics, notions and patters she had bought. She would also have to speak slowly, as Australians do speak very quickly!

  2. I’d love to review modern quilts illustrated! I’m a brand new blogger, currently on holiday in Cambodia! So I’ve made one quilting related post and then a couple on our travels,(tho’ it’s really going to be a quilty type blog) so I’m sure I don’t (yet) have the kind of readership you need. So I’ve wrestled with myself even writing this…But I am a big fan of your work and would love to review. I’ve considered subscribing but haven’t got around to enquiring about costs including shipping to Australia where I am. I first bought your fabric from NZ ~6 years ago to make an Eclipse quilt for my daughter and regularly refer to your colour workshop and quilts made modern books. But I’m new to blogging and totally understand that you really need someone with a readership!

  3. Mornin; Weeks. I sent you an email with pertinent info; I’d love to review your magazine. I even have some “credentials.”….former technical writer and editor…..Have a great weekend.

  4. I’d love to see a copy and write about it. I also have credentials: I’m a print journalist and I regularily review books for the daily newspaper in my city.

  5. I’d love to review a copy of the magazine — I have been slowly pushing myself into the “modern” quilt world and need all the inspiration I can get!

  6. I’ve been a quilter (mostly traditional) for years. Now that I have seen some modern quilts, I am filling the tug to step out of the norm and take my quilting in another direction. Inspire me! I would like to see a copy of your magazine.

  7. Hey Everyone,
    Just wanted to make sure that you read the part of the post that said to email me (weeks@modernquiltstudio.com) with the name of your blog and address. I can’t send you anything if you’ve just commented because the USPS doesn’t ship to email addresses ; )

  8. Hi. I would like to take a look at the magazine. I do not have a website or blog but vend at quilt shows and have a loyal following of customers who make modern quilts with the vintage fabric that I sell.
    Anita Tinlin
    …so vintage, by SKILLS Graphics

    1. Call us at (708) 445-1817 and we’ll be happy to set up a subscription for you beginning with Issue #1 if you wish.

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