just in time — this year’s April Fool’s prank

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I dunno about you but between the Supreme Court ruling on health care reform, tax season and the debate on copyright issues all over Facebook and the blogosphere, I’m in need of a little levity.

If you’re somewhat new to this blog, you may not realize that April Fool’s Day to our daughter ranks right up there with Christmas and birthdays in terms of required planning and excitement. As a parent charged with the responsibility for coming up with each year’s prank I feel not a small amount of pressure to deliver something memorable.

Bill, who has little sense of time, is our primary target because he never even sees it coming. I usually save a good one for our daughter too. You may remember that two years ago I arranged to have our daughter “accepted” into Chore Camp. That was awesome! Last year she received a permission slip from her school for a field trip to outer space. Then of course there’s my M&M bag trick, of which I’m very proud.

This year I present for your consideration– drumroll please — the toothpaste-filled Oreo. Easy to execute, cheap, convincing and with just the right amount of “Yuck!” Make sure that both sides of the Oreo are in one piece (no cracks). Gently pull the cookies apart. Scrap off the filling and replace it with the same amount of white toothpaste.

You will want to be present for this prank to ensure that the prankee doesn’t swallow the toothpaste. It should be obvious that it’s toothpaste but better safe than sorry.

As for our daughter, she’ll be heading to a Palm Sunday choir performance on the morning of April Fool’s (Sunday) so I’m thinking of something that’s fast, yet funny. Right now I’m leaning toward replacing all of the milk in the container with whipped cream so it looks like milk but doesn’t pour. I figure that if I get a skirt can of whipped cream I could aim it inside the milk container and just let ‘er rip. Then, of course, there will be the obligatory replacement of the underwear in Bill’s drawer with 10-year-old girl’s underwear because some pranks never get old.

8 thoughts on “just in time — this year’s April Fool’s prank

  1. Its a national holiday at our house..
    We placed a ‘For Sale by Owner” sign in our front yard one year! Our neighbors all fell for it.
    My husband has a “bag lady” halloween mask. He taped a piece of cardboard to the toilet bowl, then taped the mask to toilet seat. Then he closed the lid. When our oldest who was then mid-teens had to go…., she lifted the lid and about had an accident… then she had to get the cardboard off as well… She thought it was an awesome prank!

  2. love. this. i myself will go with the standby, rubber band on the faucet sprayer because seriously, by now, he should expect that. and yet, every year, it works. i definitely think the underwear one will go into rotation as well this year :) also – glitter. in his body wash. hilarious.

  3. one more of my favorites. In the dental office where I worked, all of us clinical staff wore the same ‘hospital scrubs’.. including the dentist. One of our assistants who was petite put her small sized scrubs on the dentist’s hanger for him that next day (APril 1) We all stood outside the bathroom(changing room) and waited and waited.. He finally opened the door with his regular clothes on wondering how his scrubs could have shrunk overnight! We still laugh about it!

  4. Can you hear the Mission Impossible theme music that cued in my head as I read this post?
    I accept the mission to inject humor, shock and awe, amidst the screams, into our family’s day, thus opening a new chapter of tradition. Thanks for the heads up as well as ideas in advance.
    Cue music. Gettin busy with it – have 4 children and a husband to stun.

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