Modern Quilts Illustrated Issue #2 ships next week

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We’re very excited about Issue #2 around here. We’re calling it “the Possibilities Issue” because their are lots of tips for customizing cutting (working with 1/4 yard cuts versus fat quarter), making alternate sizes, using several techniques and changing some elements in the quilts shown. We’ve included the same features found in Issue #1 such as Palette Chasing and the Cutting Table but the back cover is entirely devoted to planning your quilting. Several readers have told us that this part of the process leaves them scratching their heads so we’ll walk you through a series of questions to demystify the decision-making process. Patterns in this issue include the Good Fit wall hanging shown on the cover, a napping quilt that combines David Butler’s new line with lines from Jo Morton and Thimbleberries and a solid that results in a surprisingly graphic project. We also have a warm, earth-tone napping quilt using some of the muted tones of Marcia Derse’s lines as well as a fun new pillow project that you could whip up in a weekend just in time for Spring.

(above: Bill shooting the background for the Cutting Table Spread for Issue #2)

Many people can called nervously asking if they could start a subscription beginning with Issue #1. No worries. We expected that it would take time for the word to spread so we are printing ample supplies of each issue so you can find each issue even if it’s a year from now. If you want a subscription, call me (Weeks) at (708) 445-1817 and we’ll set up your subscription.

I’m afraid my wrist injury (tendon and nerve damage but no bone break) slowed us down a couple of days but we’re scheduled to ship to subscribers on April 5 based on the delivery time quoted by our printer.

Hope you love the issue as much as we do.

8 thoughts on “Modern Quilts Illustrated Issue #2 ships next week

  1. Thanks for your prompt mailing of Issue #1 – can’t wait to get #2. It’s great to have a publication dedicated to modern quilts – the colors and designs. Looking forward to seeing your ideas for customized cutting.

  2. So excited about what y’all have put together – this looks special! Will be calling to start my subscription! Thank you again for fanning the flames!

  3. I’ve just completed my second quilt; I’m addicted. Your site is wonderful, and I’m looking forward to receiving a subscription. Although I called today and left a message, I will call again in a couple days. Just wondering if there was a way to mail-order the subscriptions? Anyway, thank you for the gorgeous and inspiring information and pictures.

    1. Hi Linda,
      We’re in Cincinnati at International Quilt Festival until Sunday but Bill will be returning calls. We’ll ship your subscriptions on Monday. As for mail ordering subscriptions, I’m wondering if you mean can you send us a check? Yes, you can mail checks to 719 Iowa St, Oak Park IL 60302. Tell us where to send it and we’ll get it out.

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