And the winners are…


Thanks to all who “liked” us on Facebook and made suggestions as to how we can improve the flow between Craft Nectar and Facebook. Once we get through the printing of Issue #2 and International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, we’ll overhaul the whole blog.

In the meantime, below are the winners of copies of Modern Quilts Illustrated, Issue #1. If your name is listed below, kindly message me (Weeks Ringle) on Facebook or email me at with your shipping address so I can get you your issue.

  1. Karissa Jo Kloss
  2. Deolinda Richards
  3. Mims Copeland
  4. Jenna Marie Ingle
  5. Heather Rae Bingham Sprague
  6. Claire Gee
  7. Erika Sews
  8. Heather Givans
  9. Jenny Forbes Draeger
  10. Tracy Lewien

Just so you know, we will continue to offer copies of Issue #1 even after ensuing issues are printed. If you purchased or won Issue #1 and want a subscription for Issues #2 and #3, we can offer that for $20 to US addresses. Contact us at (708) 445-1817 or email me if you want a pro-rated subscription rate to a non-US address.

Issue #2 goes to print at the end of the month with the photoshoot tomorrow! More on the content of Issue #2 and sneak peeks to come.

3 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. I like the dot that connects your facebook page and your blog. Looking forward to the second edition of your wonderface magazine. Gini

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