Heartfelt Thanks, a giveaway and an article on color on Whipup


Following up on the previous post on social media, Bill and I wanted to thank those of you who have already “liked” us on the Modern Quilt Studio page on Facebook. I mentioned in a post over there that between 1,000 and 6,000 people a day who read this blog so it seemed so odd that there were only 89 likes on our page. Many generous people shared that post and at last count we were up to 149. A far cry from the readership here but very, very much appreciated.

One reader suggested that we have a “like” button here, which is in the works. Another suggested a giveaway and we’ll be doing that on Monday, March 19. “Like” us on Facebook by midnight on Sunday and you may be among 10!!! people to receive a free copy of Modern Quilts Illustrated, Issue #1. We go to print on Issue #2 in a few weeks but we’re hearing that many people want to start with the first issue so we thought a giveaway would be good. I’ll post winners names Monday so get “liking.” Given the printing deadline at hand we may not get around to the button from here but I’m guessing most of you know your way around Facebook.

I also wanted to publish a link to a guest post I did over at Whipup.net last week on color. If you don’t know Whipup.net (and I can’t imagine that you don’t), it’s where I started blogging about 9 years ago. It’s an incredible blog for makers and is a great resource. We teach lots of workshops on color and just did another last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. It was a workshop on showing people how to use their stash, freshen up fabrics that may seem stale or that you’ve fallen out of love with, and how to broaden your definition of what “goes together.” We had a Fabric Smackdown, which is always fun for me as well as I invariably hear people say, “I would NEVER have put those fabrics together but they look great!”

Those of you who have “friended” my personal Facebook page have probably read that I’m waiting for an MRI to see if my wrist is fractured following a fall on some ice on February 25, which explains why I haven’t been able to post as much. Anyway, the orthopedist is expecting that tomorrow I’ll be out of a splint and into a cast for 8-12 weeks. Sooooo, should you see me at Festival in Cincinnati in April, I may be the one sporting a caste decoupaged with fabric! Poor Bill (or any assistant we can grab) is stuck with the rotary cutting for awhile. I fractured the same bone in 1997 and he fractured it in 2009 so at least we know the drill.

Anyway, I look forward to sending out copies of the magazine to 10 people and yes, I’ll ship anywhere in the world because I “like” you too. Again, many, many thanks for your support. It means so much to us and motivates us to continue doing work that we hope you’ll find inspiring. Have a great week.

11 thoughts on “Heartfelt Thanks, a giveaway and an article on color on Whipup

  1. Hi, I am not super knowledgeable about computers, but would it help if you have a Facebook link on this craftnectar site, so that when you click it, you are taken to the ModernQuiltStudio facebook page? Just one more thing to make it a bit easier for people to find their way over there and follow you! Just an idea…!!! And yes, I am now following you on facebook. Keeping my fingers crossed for one of the 10 magazines. FUN!

  2. Thanks for the link. I have heard of whipup & tried to look around there in the past, but…

    As for Facebook – I will be the LAST person on Earth to go there.


    (& Heck I already have a subscription to the magazine & all of your books & some of your fabrics…)

  3. I would definitely add the like link here, I hardly ever go on Facebook any more, and I suspect I a not alone!

  4. I concur that a link would make all the difference. I’ve just started checking out your blog and I “like it” very much, but I guess I have to search around Facebook to prove that I like it.

    The whole Internet communication and presence thing is still a bit baffling to me.

    I hope to meet you both at Quiltcon!

    Tanya Heldman

  5. Like blogs, but not a facebook fan at all. I already subscribe to your Modern Quilts Illustrated, can’t wait for the next issue to come out.

  6. I agree about the link, it makes it easier for the readers that aren’t dedicated Facebooker’s (is that a word). It took me a little while to find your FB page but I found it :)

    Not sure if your magazine is available here in Australia, I might have to subscribe or get a digital edition.

  7. Hi Bill and Weeks
    Almost daily I come here to see what you are up to. I have three of your books but am not willing to do Facebook.
    May your business thrive without Facebook. I really find great value and inspiration in your work.

  8. Hi Weeks and Bill! So sorry to hear about your wrist…a definite problem for a quilter, that’s for sure. I’m on the mend myself from some surgery,ugh…looking forward to getting back to the sewing machine. I’m not on Facebook, or I would certainly like you because I do! Hope you are both well…good luck with printing number 2!

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