Hello Sunshine

design, inspiration, quilting

One of the things we love about creating transparency quilts is the depth you see in the colors as well as the composition. Hello Sunshine appears to be a relatively straightforward baby quilt but in one place the overlapping colors make sense – a light over a darker fabric yields a shade in between. However, look at the light centers. We’ve played with the visuals to have two medium tones overlap two darker tones and the result is a yellow that is lighter than either of the other colors used.

This example shows how the transparencies don’t always have to be logical in terms of the overlap color being the shade that would result if you really did overlay the colors with, for example, an overhead projector. What matters most is that the gradations between the different overlays aren’t too much of a leap.

I think the most useful section of the book is “What Works, What Doesn’t and Why.” We intentionally put together a series of UNsuccessful transparencies so you could see what went wrong. Let me know if you want to see any more of them and I can add them to future posts.

By the way, we were happy to read that Library Journal has included Transparency Quilts as a “not-to-be missed” title for quilting along with our second book “Modern Quilt Workshop.” Thanks for the shout out Library Journal!

7 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine

  1. Hello to you from a very sunny part of the world! Love this Sunshine & would love to see more transparencies! I have emailed about buying your book & the magazine subscription too. Hope to hear from you then! Have a good weekend !

  2. This is lovely! The pop of sunshine in the middle makes it shine! Thank you for your creativity! Looking forward to getting this book. In the meantime, thank you for the marvelous conversation and dialogue that you share here! That so personalizes the book even more! Y’all are fantastic! Blessings on y’all and your daughter! Hoping y’all are having a blast in your new home!

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