Transparency Quilts: arriving soon!


As I did with Quilts Made Modern, I’m going to reveal one quilt from our new book in each post and write a little about the design thinking behind each project.

We hung this quilt Share & Share Alike in our booth at Quilt Market in October. Although the construction looks complex, it’s a variation of log cabin construction and is quite simple to piece. The trickiest part of making transparency quilts is the color work. In the book we devote a lot of pages to breaking down the color theory behind the transparency concept and include several pages of what worked, what didn’t and why.

There’s a calm to these quilts that makes them particularly suited to bedrooms I think so we’ve got several bed-size projects in the book. Some of the projects, like the one shown above, are made with just a few fabrics and others are quite scrappy. What I love about the projects in this book is that they need not be modern if that’s not your thing. It’s just about color work. It needn’t be large-scale or super bright and busy.

As always, our photographer Jim White did a great job capturing the colors and the textures of each quilt. We’ll do a blog tour and lots of giveaways in January when all of the holiday dust has settled. If you can’t wait to try to win a copy, the nice folks over at C&T are giving away a copy on Facebook so go comment to try to win.

7 thoughts on “Transparency Quilts: arriving soon!

  1. My biggest problem will be to do the pattern without buying new fabrics. I made the mistake of going through my stash and tallying the amount of money I have invested in fabric. I immediately put myself on a FABRIC HOLD for the next year. ONLY THING I WILL BUY IS neutrals AND BACK GROUND FABRICS as I realize I do not have enough to make any quilt. I will learn to make do with what I have in focus fabrics…. I have tons of those. It will be a challenge but I will conquer.


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