Gift Hint Card + answers to your questions about ordering Modern Quilts Illustrated


For those of us with well-intentioned but sometimes clueless gift givers in our lives, we have designed a not-so-subtle gift hint card for those of you hoping that someone will give you a subscription to Modern Quilts Illustrated instead of your 27th scented candle. Take it with you (download the pdf) to your Thanksgiving dinner and maybe Santa will work his magic.
We’ve had lots of questions about ordering our new magazine so I thought I’d answer them all in one place.

Will you be offering a digital version?
When we announced that we had started a magazine (which by the way has garnered a lot of comments: “It’s really not a magazine. It’s a periodical because there are no ads.” “No, it’s more like a booklet because it’s higher quality printing.” “No, it’s a pattern-zine…but then again, it’s more than patterns.” ) we said that we would, next year, be offering a digital, downloadable issue. That will be coming later  but for now we just have the print issue.

What are the additional mailing charges for international subscriptions?
We’ve calculated the following postage needed to mail subscriptions for issues 1-3 to the following countries and regions:
Canada: $35
Mexico: $38
Australia, Europe and Asia: $42

Will I be able to order individual issues from
We love Amazon and use it often ourselves. However, we believe that local quilt shops are an important part of the quilting community as are independent online shops. When we speak to quilt shop owners, even those with only an online presence, they tell us how difficult it is for them to sell anything printed because they cannot compete with the discounts offered at Amazon. We feel that by making our magazine exclusive to independent merchants we can support small businesses. If you don’t live near a quilt shop that carries Modern Quilts Illustrated and you want to purchase individual copies, you can always ask if they plan to or you can buy through us or an online store, but we do not plan to sell through Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Gift Hint Card + answers to your questions about ordering Modern Quilts Illustrated

  1. Good morning –

    I’ll be preparing a little blog post in the next week or so about Christmas gift ideas and I would love to link to your subscription page as well as your book.

    Is that OK? Thanks so much.

    Chris Moon

  2. Thank you so much for the pdf Gift Suggestion card! And was so excited to see y’alls new book pop up on Barnes and Nobles site today! Looking forward to it! Books, magazines, moving – oh my! Y’all have been on the go! Praying you have a delightful holiday season!
    Blessings, Glynis

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