last-minute father’s day card: your street on a Monopoly property card

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It’s been a crazy week here on Carpenter Avenue. Although we adore our 1914 Craftsman Bungalow, we started day-dreaming a week ago about moving to the northern part of our village so our daughter would be able to walk to both the middle school and high school. I casually started looking last weekend and happened upon a 1931 English Style brick house in the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District of Oak Park. It had just landed in foreclosure and is listed at about half the price it was eight years ago. In other words, it was affordable to us. It is a “not-so-big” house but also one that has a separate entrance for FunQuilts and would have more studio space that we currently have. Amid other deadlines and commitments, we spent a lot of the week trying to figure out how financing would work and if our contractor was up to the renovation. He was. Were we up for another renovation? Long story short, we put in a bid. And we waited. And we waited. And we’re still waiting. Our real estate agent says that there are now four bids and we don’t have deep enough pockets to win a bidding war so odds are, it’s not going to be the new world headquarters of FunQuilts. But it was an interesting adventure just trying it all on.

So when I started thinking about a card to make for Bill for Father’s Day, the game Monopoly came to mind. A wonderfully clever man named Brad Frost has developed a little Photoshop download where you can make your own Monopoly property card. How cool is that? On the inside I wrote: “Regardless of the property you own, you the greatest daddy ever.” I printed it out as a card on cardstock and made a quick envelope for it out of bond. Truly, I’d live in a mud hut with this guy.

2 thoughts on “last-minute father’s day card: your street on a Monopoly property card

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