we’re in Modern Blocks!

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World’s greatest acquisitions editor Suzanne Woods from C&T has curated a collection of 99 modern blocks that will be published this October! We have five blocks in the book, which we’ll be discussing more as the publication dates draws closer. That blue one (the third from the top on the left) is one of ours as well.

As I’ve written before, designing blocks without the context of a layout is challenging to us but we’re hoping that readers will be able to make the leap that a simple block can look really dynamic in certain layouts. Later in the fall we’ll offer a few layouts that will help you see some of the possibilities.

I think that this book, however, is going to be HUGE! I’ve never seen a collection of modern blocks this extensive so I think this is going to become a classic. Can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “we’re in Modern Blocks!

  1. I second your first poster, I’ve pre-ordered my copy from Amazon. It’s going to arrive on my birthday! I’m so excited to sew these modern blocks. I’m doing a flying geese themed BOM right now . . . .

  2. This sounds very exciting. I was going to ask where to get the book, but thanks to several of comments, I now know where to order to book!! Keep up the great work!

  3. I think you and Bill were the designers who were the catalyst and gave voice to the entire “Modern Quilt” phenomenon…thank you!

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