easter egg graffiti

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In the category of “better late than never,” we dyed our Easter eggs this morning. Every year we try different techniques, some successful, some not. Today I had a contract to get out, some pansies screaming to be put in pots, lettuce and spinach seeds to sow (another entry in the “better late…” journal), two loads of laundry on deck and a grocery store run on my mind. I decided not to be goal-oriented and just go for some pretty solid colors. Nothing fancy. We divided the eggs up among the three of us and dipped and rolled for a bit. We ended up with some pretty colors and then I headed out to my gardening chores. When I came back in the house, I looked at the eggs and remembered how I love the combination of  fine line drawings and watercolors. There is always a fine-line, retractable Sharpie within reach in our home and studio. Should you ever need the perfect book-inscribing pen, that’s the one you want.

“If I sat down and doodled on these eggs instead of doing laundry and working on the contract, would that be considered procrastination (bad) or doing something creative (good)?” thought I. “If I posted it on Craft Nectar, that would count as productive,” I reasoned to myself. The conversation in my head continued, “Is this worth posting? Does anyone care that I scribbled on my Easter eggs? But if I shared it maybe other people would enjoy scribbling on their Easter eggs. Maybe it could be an after-Easter-brunch sort of fun family activity for someone, scribbling on Easter eggs.” By this point I needed a second opinion. “Bill, is this interesting?” I said as I held out my Mendhi-inspired egg. “Very. I want to do one too.” Some people play Farmville or watch golf. We sit around putting graffiti on our Easter eggs. And this is why it’s 11pm and I’m just finishing up that laundry.

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring everyone.

7 thoughts on “easter egg graffiti

  1. I love the “is it productive or procrastinating?” argument! I often wonder that about reading blogs. I really do need to know what is going on in the online quilting world, but when does it move over into entertainment and procrastination :)

  2. Love these Weeks. It really IS too late for dyeing Easter eggs now, but was wondering a couple of things- did you use white eggs? and what dye did you use- such lovely colours? Did you mix the colours from cochineal?

  3. @Camilla – We used white eggs (because brown eggs make the colors less vibrant)and $1.79 Paas classic dyes for Easter Eggs. The secret is in adding vinegar to the dyes to make the colors more vibrant. You also have to be patient. We overdyed many of the eggs several times, allowing them to dry on racks before dunking them in a new color.

  4. Thank you for posting the fun! Yes it is worth posting! Thanks for the challenge to graffitti and scribble on eggs! We’re gonna have to do a rainy day post-Easter egg coloring session. Didn’t know about retractable sharpies!
    Thanks for sharing the joy!

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