Beach Glass

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Although we are a business and usually have so many quilts to make for commissions and paid gigs, we started Beach Glass before we had a book contract and for no reason other than we just wanted to make it. Both the colors and the technique were an exploration of sorts for us.

I won’t kid you–it’s a heck of a lot of seams and is not the fastest quilt in the book, but the color combinations in which it can be made are limited only by your imagination. Bill and I are also frugal types so I appreciate the efficiency of being able to use even the smallest of pieces in this quilt.

A word about the quilting. Some people are always surprised when they see a quilting pattern that has nothing to do with the piecing pattern. We love the visual layers created by overlaying the shadow pattern of the quilting with the forms and color of the piecing. Quilting is definitely a personal choice but our hope is that by showing lots of different approaches to quilting that it will give people the nerve to go beyond echo quilting and the basic stipple.

Whether or not you decide to make this quilt, you can have a little piece of it in your home soon. Those industrious folks at C&T have wrapped an image of the Beach Glass kit around a stack of adhesive notes. Pretty fancy, huh? As soon as we get ours in we’ll have a giveaway! We’re really excited about them and hope that they will brighten up that stack of mail on your kitchen counter. Uh, I mean, our stack of mail on the kitchen counter. You’ve probably got yours all sorted…

17 thoughts on “Beach Glass

  1. Those adhesive notes with “Beach Glass” are great! I just finished up one of those pads with Hans Hoffman’s “Golden Wall” on it–they do last a long time.

  2. I loved this quilt the moment I saw the cover of your new book. The book was on my wish list for my recent birthday and I’ve already spent an age reading every word! Well done on a lovely outcome! Oh and what wouldn’t do for one those lovely note pads ……but knowing me (as I do!) … I wouldn’t use it, I’d keep it mint forever because it’s so beautiful!

  3. I love those colors and the quilt itself! I plan to make a quilt almost exactly like that for our bedroom, with the exception of gray instead of white as that is my husband’s favorite color.

    What a happy thing to see on a Monday.

  4. Hi I bought your book today (it’s great!) but I was wondering how much kona bech glass you used in the making of this quilt. I usually buy my fabric in fat quarter bundles. How many will I need?

  5. @tui – The measurements are for quarter yards not fat quarters. However, you should not have any problems substituting fat quarters because the pattern has a lot of room for error. If you just err of the side of slightly wider strips, you should have plenty of fabric. Fat quarters will be less efficient than sewing with selvage to selvage strips, however, so keep that in mind. You might also consider buying a little extra of one or two of the colors but you shouldn’t need to increase all of the colors. Good luck.

  6. Do you sell a kit for Beach Glass? While I’m usually not a recipe follower, I like your choice of colors so much I’d love to keep my buying time simple.
    Or, possibly, just a list of the colors?


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