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My friend Kathreen Ricketson kindly invited me to guest post over at Whipup today. Kathreen started Whipup many years ago and for a year and a half or so I contributed weekly to her blog before starting Craft Nectar. Although we have never met because Kathreen lives in Australia and I live in the US, we have cheered each other on over the years, and email each other often. I admire her contribution to the blog world greatly. If you haven’t visited before, you are in for a treat. Whipup has a wealth of links to tutorials of all sorts and there’s a daily dose of crafty inspiration to be had there.

As this is such a special occasion, Bill and I put together a free pattern for a throw quilt for both Craft Nectar and Whipup readers. The pattern, called Window Shopping, uses those large-scale prints that we all love but sometimes find challenging to use. Window Shopping goes together in a snap so I hope it becomes your go-to pattern when you need a last-minute quilt.

FunQuilts has a very limited edition of kits for this quilt so give us a call at (708) 445-1817 if these are fabrics that you can’t live without. Otherwise, I’ll be back in a bit with lots of new posts to get us all through these last couple of months of winter.



3 thoughts on “meet me at

  1. I just wanted to thank you for showing this quilt. I made a smaller one, and I love it. So, thanks so much. I did notice that there are some cutting errors in the instructions. the squares need to be doubled and the small rectangles.
    Easy fixes, just disconcerting the way I quilt.

  2. Thank you for your comment about the Window Shopping quilt pattern.

    Perhaps you overlooked the reference in the pattern to cutting each of two strips into the given number of pieces. If you do this, you’ll find you end up with the correct number of pieces. I’m delighted you were able to adapt it to a new size.

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