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Bill and I have long had an interest in choosing colors for our quilts that give the illusion of layer of color, one laid upon another. So we had to include one in Quilts Made Modern.

The effect of transparency happens where two colors appear to overlap. In the Transparency quilt shown above, the overlapping of the colors has a soft, ethereal quality. It’s a zen-like approach to color work that is about whispering more than shouting. When we were planning the photoshoot for this quilt, I really wanted this overhead shot with a mattress on the floor. It felt to me as though this mattress and little table were floating in the room. Just climb under those crisp white sheets and all of your worries will just melt away.

12 thoughts on “Transparency

  1. thanks! I’ll take you up on the offer to climb under those while sheets and let my worries melt away–what’s your address again? JK!

    Yes, the Zen-like quality is aesthetically bewitching! Another amazing collaboration from you & Bill.

  2. I made this quilt with a print and three solids and it came out AWESOME. I used the print in place of the light blue-ish color and overlaid it with a coordinating color from the print. It is really interesting and I’ve had tons of comments on it! Fun and SUPER quick to make!

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