what a turnout for Quilts Made Modern!

design, experiences, quilting

Despite cold and rainy weather, we had an enthusiastic crowd of over 40 people in our little studio for the Quilts Made Modern book launch party. Our daughter Sophie numbered the name tags for all of the guests and called predetermined numbers to choose from among the 19 (!) different door prizes ranging from charm squares to FunQuilts cards to copies of 100 Blocks. To celebrate the occasion we put all of the fabrics in the studio on sale for $6/yd. We served yummy warm mulled cider and got a sumptuous array of cookies from the local Italian baker.

Lots of guests were interested in the new Beach Glass and Roundabout kits as well as kits that they hadn’t seen before. When we put word out about the party, we were expecting former students and friends to stop by but about half of the people who came were people we had never met before so that was a lovely surprise.

We have another book coming out in 2011 so if you missed this one, there will be more chances. Stay tuned and thanks to all who braved the gloomy weather.

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