we’re in 100 Blocks and there’s a giveaway!

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When we were invited to submit a block for 100 Blocks, we had to stop and think about how to design in a different way. We don’t ever design as a single block. Instead, we’re always designing from the perspective of how the blocks relate to one another. Designing a single block, without being able to show an overall design, would be a very different way of thinking.

So we decided that we would design a block that would be as flexible as possible, working equally well with Civil War reproduction or modern prints or solids. Over the years we’ve found endless possibilities to piecing strips with solids, although this block would be equally fun with batiks or prints.

There are so many options for how to set this block. You could surround it with sashing that contrasts with the ¼” strip in the block to create a grid:

Or you could rotate the blocks for an entirely different look:

The best thing about 100 Blocks is that there’s something for everyone. There’s appliqué and piecing, traditional and modern. You might even decide to combine some of the blocks in the magazine with a few of your own. If you’re interested in purchasing the issue, call us at (708) 445-1817 and we’ll ship one out to you. To see more blocks from the magazine and to have a chance at lots of giveaways, hop on over to 100 Blocks. If you’d like to have a shot at winning a free issue of the magazine, leave a comment below and we’ll randomly choose one.


190 thoughts on “we’re in 100 Blocks and there’s a giveaway!

  1. I just love your block idea. You also give us another option, which I also like. Thank you for giving me a chance to win. What a great gift to win – so many blocks and so many ideas. Thank you.

  2. Very, very versatile block. I’m thinking to make several in happy fabrics to give to our guild charity coordinator. Good Linus quilts.
    Thanks – would love to win the mag! JC

  3. I took 4 classes at the Houston festival last week (2 long arm, a Stack & Whack, and Contoured Quilted Photography, which I loved!) But as I sat in each classroom, I whispered to myself, “Hopefully next year I can finally learn from Weeks & Bill in person!”.

    Lessons from childhood are hard to undo — coloring outside the lines, not following directions exactly. This post made me realize the hampering of my creativity as a child shows up in my quiltmaking today. It’s not that I’m trying to follow the pattern exactly, it just doesn’t occur to me to add my own spin to it.

  4. This is very cool! I wasn’t expecting a block like this–as you mentioned, this magazine forces you to think differently when designing just ONE block–so this was a surprise! It is really flexible and anyone can use it anywhere! Great!!! I love how you showed the examples, too….soooo looking forward to the magazine coming out and making some blocks!! Gotta start planning NOW!!

  5. Definitely a problem when you can only reveal the block, I have that same issue, but was happy when my friends at least voted for my block in Jackie Robinson’s design contest this Spring.

    I like your additional option suggestions to help the creative juices flow!

  6. I’m more of a traditionalist so your block isn’t what I usually like but in dark reds and gold and browns it would be pretty.

  7. I love how a very simple block can look so different when turned one way and then another or made up in different fabrics and you have a whole new look! Thanks for a chance to win a copy of the magazine!

  8. I love the versatility and flexibility of this block. I can see it done up in so many different color schemes and fabric themes!

  9. Interesting how you challenged yourselves to think outside your usual way….I always think blocks & work to bring them together…while you the opposite. I like that approach :)
    Thank you.

  10. Geat block for scrappy. Just bought extra purple fabric the other day for a scrappy. Congrats for your block being chosen for book. Would love to win a copy.

  11. First time to visit your site. Love your designs. So fresh and modern. Am looking forward to see this new magazine.

  12. Loved your block and the inspiration for different layouts with it. Thanks for the opportunity at a chance to win the 100 Blocks Book.

  13. This is a wonderful block. Thank you for the opportunity to win the 100 blocks magazine. I never saw last years. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. Your block is simple but has many possibilities! That is the beauty of it. It can be for any level quilter!! :-)

  15. Intriguing block, especially when you consider the endless options in layout design! I’d love a copy of the new edition of the magazine!

  16. What fun to see 90 comments, hope that many become regular readers.
    I do like what you did with the block.

  17. I like your block, it’s different. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on your new book, I love the modern designs.

  18. Would love to win a copy of Volume 2. One way or another I’ve got to have this publication in my library! Your block design will be perfect for using up my stash.

  19. I’m looking forward to this magazine after seeing more about it. I was not even thinking of moving toward learning to quilt when the first issue came out so I’m looking foward to this one as I have been reading all I can so I can learn as much as I can. Having this magazine would be awesome because there are so many different types of blocks as you said. I will be able to try different ones without buying multiple books for each type. I would love to win one and if, by some stange coincidence I won two, I already plan to pass one on to my son’s girlfriend who loves crafting. I KOW it won;t be long before she is asked to be part of our family and I’ve already told her I want to teach her to use my fancy embroidery machine so I have someone to pass it on to along with my fabrics and other things packing my sewing room. She and I can learn to quilt together.

  20. This is the first time on this blog and I have really enjoyed the experience!! Love the blocks, they are great!! Thank you for the chance to win the book!! :)

  21. It’s nice to meet you! One of the things I love about blog tours is that you are introduced to so many new bloggers. Your book looks great…I’m going to have to go looking for it!

  22. Wow! I can think of dozens of ways to use this block. Now where am I going to find the time to make even one of them??

  23. I love your block and your new book looks good too. I’m going to try to make your open house. I live in southern Wisconsin, but I’m originally from Illinois so I know where you are located.

  24. Oh your block has so many possibilities, Yes I need to win the magazine so I can use your block.
    Just checked your blog and wow, I want your book Quilts Made Modern.

  25. Your block looks awesome! I haven’t been to my LQS or sewing store to take a look at this new edition, but it looks great! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  26. Those colors are YUMMY!!! Are they your own hand dyed fabrics?? Where can I purchase? I not only want a copy of 100 Blocks, but I also MUST have your new book. Weeks, I liked your choice for the cover photo with that beautiful piece of antique furniture under your gorgeous quilt!

  27. What a great block – and, yes, I can see it in modern or vintage fabrics. I’d love to have the chance to win a copy and Congratulations.

  28. Congrats on your block! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you through your participation in this blog tour!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  29. I love your blog and have recommended it to several of my friends. Your fresh approach to life, parenting, and quilting is fun to read! I can’t wait to purchase your new book!

  30. @Kathye–the fabrics are not hand-dyed. They are commercial cottons and were scraps from the Beach Glass quilt that is on the cover of our new book Quilts Made Modern. We are sell a kit for Beach Glass so call us (708) 445-1817 if you are interested (we’re in the process of getting them up on the website).

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