borrowed scenery

design, good laughs

Butch, our neighbor across the street frequently tells me that between the two of us, he’s the smarter one. When I look out our window toward his house I see this:

And when he looks out his window at our house he sees this:

“And I don’t have to do a thing,” he laughs.

Help yourself to a virtual tour of the garden with the shots below that I took this morning. And by the way, if you didn’t know, I have a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture so I pretty much have to have a well-designed garden or they take away my degree.

Hope you have a little time in the garden this weekend too.

15 thoughts on “borrowed scenery

  1. Your garden is gorgeous. Degree or no, I couldn’t plant anything like it in AZ. Things are already starting to look sad with our 100 degree weather of late.

    I think we need to move some place where things will actually grow! :)

  2. My husband is a ag economics/hort prof but even that doesn’t overcome the challenges of a new house/yard with clay soil under the ‘builders dirt), feast or famine rainfall, and lethally (to plants) salty tap water. Plus our yard is huge. I’m overwhelmed. A yard well-tended is a heavenly gift to you, your neighbors and everyone that drives by. Just makes people feel good….before the envy and maybe guilt set in.

  3. Very lovely!!! The colors and textures translate well to fabric or flowers, no?! ; ) Thanks for the peek!

  4. yes! thanks for the peek.. I’m so happy to see just a small patch of lawn. Nice to see so many plants and bushes that a lovely texture and surround to your cottage.

    Just lovely.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, and this from a woman who is so plant-challenged that she can’t even grow weeds.

  6. You have an absolutely gorgeous garden! It’s the inspiration I need to tackle our inherited mound of weeds from my dearly departed mother in law (she was more of a container gardener). Thank you and great blog! :)

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