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People often ask me what inspires me and where I find inspiration. I feel as though they expect me to give them the name of a book or museum but I think it’s a lot more complicated than that.

For example, I think it would be hard to be creative if you were in an unfulfilling relationship or were being swallowed up by debt. Those kinds of stresses sap your creativity. For me, I am also my most creative when I am physically fit. So eating well and exercising are really important parts of my creative life. I have more energy and focus if I’m fit. Also as a lifelong asthmatic, I exercise for an hour each day because I feel better and breathe better.

One of our secret weapons in staying fit is taking kickboxing, weight training and bootcamp fitness classes with a woman named Constance Papciak. In the picture above which was taken today after class, Constance is in the hot pink (kicking higher than the rest of us) and I’m the sweaty one in purple next to her. Bill and I have been taking classes with Constance for over two years and often leave her class looking at each other drenched in sweat and say “Satisfaction guaranteed. That’s our Constance.” No matter how tired or how much I have to do that day, I know I will feel fantastic when I’m done working out with her. I have also found that even if I start the workout feeling grumpy, cranky or hormonally imbalanced (if you know what I mean) over some stupid thing that by the end of the workout, I’m over it and can put things in a better perspective. It helps me let go of stupid things and use my energy to be creative.

So if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to get fit, read the interview below with Constance about how to get started. Leave a comment and you’ll automatically be entered to win a FREE copy of Constance’s new DVD that features the same fantastic workout Bill and I get with her at our gym. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you haven’t exercised in a while, this will be challenging but keep at it. You will gain strength and stamina that will amaze you. I will also add that there are women in their 70s in our class and people of all body types so this isn’t just for people who are young or already fit.

W: Can you describe the workout?
CP: The Hit It!™ Kickbox workout consists of high intensity and low complexity cardio kickboxing moves. What that means is that you can expect a challenging workout without complex choreography. My video also includes some of the best music found on any video on the market. Music is one of the main motivators for participants when taking a class. I am proud to offer a product that will excite people to work out on their own!

W: So Constance, what advice do you have for someone who has not been a consistent exerciser and wants to get back in shape?
CP: My advice is to get into a routine of simply moving. Find 20 minutes in your day to be active… Dedicate two weeks to 20 minutes a day of activity and then ask yourself if you feel any different… You’ll be hooked!

W: One of the things I love about this workout and the ones that we have with you at the gym is that there’s a wide range of motion needed. It’s not like just walking or running. There’s a lot of different movements and strengthening in addition to just the cardio. Can you explain why that’s important?
CP: Cardio kickboxing is such an amazing workout because you are working everything! Upper body, lower body and especially the abdominals! Your abs are contracted for the entire time you are exercising. Every movement incorporated into the workout stems from the core. When you punch and kick not only are you engaging the abdominals but totally reshaping the arms and legs! The repetition and speed of the movements are designed to tone all areas of the body especially the arms, legs, glutes and abs. It is so important to work all areas of the body for balance and symmetry. Plus the more muscle being recruited for an activity = more calories burned!

W: This is a challenging workout. Can you advise people who are just
starting to exercise again how they can work up to doing the full workout?

CP: Well, first I would advise newbies to follow all of the appropriate lower intensity options/modifications given in the video. I also tell people to start out by only doing what they can handle. If that means 15 minutes, then you do just that. The more you do, the longer you can go and in no time an hour workout seems like nothing!

W: I have many friends who don’t exercise regularly. What do you think
motivates people to stick with a fitness routine?

CP: Honestly, what I think motivates people is the desire to feel younger and more energized. Many people do not realize how exercise can improve the quality of their lives until they actually get started. At first, motivation may be aesthetic, but once people experience the endorphin high and notice significant changes in their everyday life all because of exercise, they are motivated by that.  Exercisers are more inclined to stick with a fitness routine that is fun! For many, running on a treadmill feels like torture… that is why group exercise classes are so appealing. You have someone to hold you accountable and make the workout as fun as it can be. I always tell instructors that a class should feel like a party. You want people to walk out feeling as if they cannot wait to return.

W: Lastly, I know you’re also a dancer. Do you make things of any sort or
does all of your creativity go into choreography?

CP: I have the ability to make up choreography as I am teaching, but I much prefer to sit down and be as creative as possible when I put together a workout routine. The class flows better and participants can tell when you have invested time and effort into it. Taking the time to really think about what you are trying to deliver each and every class and putting thought into it differentiates a good instructor from a great one.

23 thoughts on “fit to be creative + free Hit It! Workout DVD giveaway

  1. After a long time away from the aerobics studio, I am ready to get back to it (having a young child at home and a husband battling a life threatening illness sometimes pushes “time for you” out of the way) – I just took my first Zumba class last night (!) and would love to have some more DVD’s to work out at home to.

  2. I AM trying to exercise more regularly (and have had renewed commitment to do that this January) , and working out at home is a great option for me. I love your taste in quilts and fabrics, so I’m intrigued by this exercise DVD and would love to try it out!

  3. I’m trying to get back into a more healthy lifestyle. My Dr. told me recently that my cholesterol and sugar levels are at the maximum point of “normal” so I need to work out more to reduce those numbers.

  4. For 2010, I have decided to get healthy and stop eating meat. Vegetarian if you will. It would be great to start up a new workout routine at home, since I cannot afford a gym membership. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  5. My resolution for the year was to get in better shape. I already picked up one cardio dvd but I think it’s good to have variety.

  6. You are absolutely right about exercise being a ‘mood-changer’! If you feel better physically, you’re mind/psyche are better equipped to handle stuff that comes along. And the good feeling that comes after a workout can wipe out just about any bad mood! Thanks for the opportunity and the gentle reminder to take care of ourselves so we can take better care of others. All the best in the New Year….looking forward to your book. Piece…

  7. I agree with the previous comment – sounds like a great workout. I need to get motivated and maybe this is what I need. Long work hours means the thought of stopping at a gym during working days is just too much to the day. Please oh PLEASE pick me, lol.

  8. How inspiring to see this post, right after I was reunited last week with cardioboxing at the YMCA! I haven’t done cardioboxing in about 3 years, and the class i took brought me back to the “good old days”. It really is fun, energizing, and I found myself jabbing and punching out all my frustrations of life, leaving them with my sweat on the gym floor! Thanks for posting and keep moving!!

  9. You are right about the things that sap creativity; such as bad relationships and stress. I was in an abusive marriage for 12 years and could literally feel the creativity being sucked out of me. It’s taken years, but slowly I have begun to see beauty and patterns all around me and the ideas are flowing again! More excersize is also one of my goals, so I really enjoyed your post on excersize today.

  10. Your post is inspiring and your kickboxing class sounds great! What a nice interview with Constance! I used to be a runner, but have had a hard time getting back into it after having kids. Kickboxing seems to be a good way to strengthen my core!

  11. Wow, I’m surprised that a work-out post got so many comments. Here’s to a healthy 2010. As Shania Twain says….Let’s go girls…

  12. This would be a new kind of exercising for me. It would be wonderful to have a fun way to exercise, particularly through the looong winter.

  13. I have been trying to get back in shape and as I’ve gotten older it seems even harder. This sounds like a great workout that would target the whole body. Wish I lived near and able to take that type of class. Thanks for being so encouraging and inspiring.

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