25 things for which I’m thankful

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(Note to non-American readers: On Thursday our country will celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving commemorates the first harvest of the European pilgrims who helped settle our country. Many families gather for large dinners and discuss the things for which they are thankful. Here’s part of my list in no particular order.)

1. health insurance, to which I believe everyone is entitled

2. C&T for believing in us

3. Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett, for paving the way for contemporary fabric designers

4. Our students

5. The women in my quilting group who never fail to inspire me and make me feel loved

6. Our long-arm quilting machine, even when it misbehaves

7. Rowenta irons with steam that says “I mean business.” If only it worked on the wrinkles on my face.

8. The editors at American Patchwork & Quilting and Quilts & More who always make our work look so great

9. Facebook, which has connected and re-connected me with so many fun people

10. Craft Nectar readers who inspire me to keep writing

11. Our partnership with CARC that gives jobs to developmentally disabled adults

12. The instructors at my gym who help keep my body fit so I can do my best work

13. My charity knitting group that helps me keep my perspective

14. Our 1914 bungalow that keeps us warm, comfy and safe

15. Rotary cutters

16. Shout Color Catchers

17. Clover binding tools

18. our sweet cats whose affection is always appreciated

19. home-grown tomatoes

20. Friends who cheer me on and keep me in line

21. Our daughter’s deep belly laughs watching vintage Pink Panther cartoons

22. My relentless doctors who keep me breathing even when my lungs decide otherwise

23. Lots of choices in life and making the most of them

24. Work that challenges and excites me

25. My husband and daughter who make sure I have fun every day

3 thoughts on “25 things for which I’m thankful

  1. I love your list & your work/art is amazing! I live in Oak Park too and am brand new to quilting…brand brand new…I have been searching around for information on modern quilting, have found some amazing stuff on line but was really pleased to learn about you and your husband’s work. Do you have any suggestions on books/classes for newbies who are looking to break the mold and try the modern side of this ancient art?
    PS: you must be referring to Constance’s kick fit class in some of your blogs! She’s the best!

  2. Your thankfulness list is a good dose of appreciation for all the big and little things that make our lives meaningful. I’m sure I speak for all of your Craft Nectar readers when I say that I’m thankful for you!

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