the mystery of the embroidered pillowcases

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We’re all in high gear for the big mystery sleepover this weekend. The plan is to build a giant fort using the fort cozy I’ve already blogged about. The girls will sleep in the fort and I will make sure that it doesn’t collapse on them in the middle of the night because our daughter sometimes appears to do martial arts in her sleep!

Not being a fan of sending kids home with a bag full of candy and a bunch of plastic junk that will spend 2000 years in a landfill somewhere, I generally opt for some little token that’s a little more practical. Since this is the first sleepover for all involved, a personalized pillowcase seemed to be the perfect take-home gift.

Learning early as a parent that the pursuit is often more fun than any gift, Bill and I are creating a treasure hunt in the dark with their Nancy Drew flashlights (or “torches” as they called them in the book) that will involve them figuring out a code that spells the secret word “pillowcase.” They’ll have to whisper the secret word to be told where to find the treasure. While they’re figuring out the code, I will silently sneak the pillowcases into the fort.

In making the pillowcases, Jane Sassaman’s large-scale, graphic prints seemed ideal. I embroidered each of the girls’ names using a floss in their favorite color. For the font I used Bickley Script because I wanted a legible cursive font. The girls will learn to write in cursive next year so at this age cursive is considered quite fancy indeed.


Bill wrote up the pattern for you should you want to make one yourself. A friend of mine said that she takes her own pillows to hotels and tries to find the brightest pillowcase she can so she doesn’t forget to grab it when she’s packing up to leave.

I’ll let you know how it goes next week. As long as no one ends up in tears or in the emergency room I’ll consider it a success.

11 thoughts on “the mystery of the embroidered pillowcases

  1. Very lucky little girls! These are beautiful and a great idea. Some day your daughter will look back and wonder how you had time for all the planning! Can I come?!:)

  2. great idea! …i have no kids yet… so no sleepovers… but i hate pointless favors.. whether it be a wedding, a birthday.. whatever.. i think this would also be a great idea for bridesmaid gifts… especially if everyone traveled… thanks!!

  3. I first discovered you two when your Spice Islands quilt was on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting. When I called to order two kits, I spoke with Bill who said you had met each other in the town I was calling from. It was a nice conversation. It’s a small world!

    I love your quilt patterns, your designs and now your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your artful blessings with us.

    Oh, and I’ve recently gotten a copy of “Drawing on the Left Side of Your Brain”. You have given me great hope!

  4. Very very nice. I will tell you in advance the girls will LOVE them! I made little cases (for travel pillows) one year for a slumber party. The girls were THRILLED and still to this day (they are all in high school now) they have them and bring them over every time they stay the night!

    Thanx for all you and Bill do! You are the GREATEST!

  5. I love your quilts and these pillowcases – which Jane S. fabric pattern did you use for these, if I may ask?

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