mother’s day report card



Undoubtedly my favorite gift each year is my Mother’s Day Report Card. Our 7-year-old daughter dictates to my husband Bill the “subjects” that she thinks I’ve been working on this year. It’s always a fascinating list to me and reminds me of why I wanted so much and endured such a long wait to become a mother. The Mother’s Day Report Card also reminds me of how a child’s thoughts can turn a simple piece of cardstock into a treasure. I’m also saving these report cards for the teenage years when I  may become as many well-intentioned moms do “the worst Mommy in the whole wide world.” I’ll be clutching my report cards when she no longer wants to play Parcheesi and have a nibble tray with me after school because her friends are “hanging out.” I don’t know how many more years exactly I can count on getting an A+++ so I’m savoring every minute of it.
So on this Mother’s Day I raise my glass to those women who became moms by giving birth and others who became stepmoms through marriage and to birth moms, foster moms, those who long to be moms, those moms who have lost children and those like me whose deep desire to become a mom led them to adopt.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all.

4 thoughts on “mother’s day report card

  1. Beautiful sentiment and wonderful gift! I’m bookmarking this to come back later, as I think there may be something deeper in it for me. Thank you so much for sharing your all-inclusive wishes, and hope you had a happy mom’s day.

  2. You are right to savour the moments. And Sophie will come back to these one day too, when she’s got through that teen stage, and remember why you really are the best mum in the world.

  3. This is the most awesome Mother’s Day gift in my mind. Besides rewarding you with all the accolades, I think she’s learning a lot that will carry over into her own life as a mother in future. It’s truly a delight and something to be treasured.

  4. I have saved all of my fav. clothes of my sons from birth till now he is 15 months. I’m ready to make them into a quilt. I have no clue how. I wanted to know where you are located. also if you were up for doing it. please get back to me via email thankyou so much samantha 10/17/10

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