fort cozy

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Really if I were smart, I’d give up on the quilts and start marketing fort cozies. After watching our daughter and her friends struggle to attach blankets to tables and chairs to make forts in our dining room, we decided they something bigger than a blanket. So we took the equivalent of three four-yard pieces of scrap quilting fabric and sewed them together in strips to make a 10’x12’ fort cozy. The cozy is big enough that it fits over any table and chairs with enough drape on the sides that the kids aren’t tempted to weigh down the corners with heavy objects that inevitably end up on someone’s head.

The great thing about having such a big cover is that with the chairs pulled away from the table, there’s room for the blankets on the floor, pillows everywhere and plenty of space for hours of game playing all in their own little self-enclosed world. We’ve made these fort cozies as gifts to other families as well. When play time is over, it all folds up in a tidy drawstring bag. Best of all, the fort cozy invites little imaginations to run wild underneath your dining room table.


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