valentine’s day for one



I’ve never bought into the over-hyped, over-priced vision of Valentine’s Day that the gift and restaurant industry is always trying to push on me, but I will never forget the heartache of having a boy dump me on Valentine’s Day when I was 16!

So years later, as a single, grown-up woman who always seemed to find herself alone on Valentine’s Day I was delighted to find a recipe in Cooking Light Magazine for Home Alone Chocolate Pudding. I would make Home Alone for Valentine’s Day as well as any other occasion that would be improved by the addition of a warm bowl of low-fat chocolate pudding. On occasion, I would even pair it with slices of bananas or strawberries for a simplified chocolate fondue.

In 1995, when I met my husband Bill, he crossed out the Home Alone line on the recipe and handwrote “Home With Bill”, which to me remains one of the most romantic gestures ever. No diamond bauble or fancy, schmancy dinner will ever touch that one.


Recently I came across another chocolate-for-one recipe that is equally satisfying. Found on, here’s the recipe for what I’m renaming Home Alone (Home With  Bill) Brownie in a Mug.

Home Alone Brownie in a Mug
Whisk together in a mug:

4T flour
4T sugar
2T cocoa
dash of salt

Stir in:
2T vegetable oil
2T water
¼ t vanilla

Microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on high. Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

8 thoughts on “valentine’s day for one

  1. The recipe looks wonderful, but I think the thing I love best about the whole thing is your husband’s correction to the title. That is truly romantic.

    I also want to let you know your bandage has arrived. Thank you for participating in this projec to help the leprosy patients in Viet Nam. How perfect that we are sending a bit of care to others in need on Valentine’s Day.

  2. I agree with the other comments. Bill’s gesture is a lovely acknowledgment of your relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day to two wonderful people!

  3. Such a nice Valentine’s story. It truly is the small things that really makes our hearts sing. I made my husband a pillowcase of chocolates and raspberries and I see him smile as he lays his head down and give it a little pat, that makes my heart sing too.

  4. yum!!i made your pudding recipe yesterday for a snack for my kids! it was a hit! We are sure to try it again only making it better by topping it off with homemade whipped cream

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