how about an artisan stimulation package?

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While Congress spent the weekend debating how to stimulate the US economy, I was reading the fascinating book Knitting America (which I’ll review later in depth). Author Susan Strawn explains that Britain enacted the Cappers Act of 1571 to protect the domestic knitting and cap-making industry. “Every English resident older than six years and of a lower status than ‘gentleman’ had to wear a wool cap made in England on Sundays and holidays or face a fine.”

So here’s my humble proposal: let’s earmark a little of that $800 billion to protect US artisans? I’m thinking an American quilt in every home, hand-thrown ceramics in every kitchen or maybe hand-knit caps for all on Sundays. Seems a lot faster than rebuilding the nation’s electric grid…

2 thoughts on “how about an artisan stimulation package?

  1. I would much rather buy American made fabric too, but all the best stuff is printed somewhere else. Our textile industry is nearly gone in this country. sad.
    Lets go Artisans.. let’s stimulate that economy!
    (sounds dirty)
    Anyway, Love you weeks! Love this new site!
    I love your voice and tone! It really adds something to the blog world.

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