Interview on Modern Sewciety


A few weeks ago in the midst of a bunch of deadlines, our interview on the Modern Sewciety podcast aired. Click here if you’d like to have a listen.

Next up: Quilt Expo Madison

We’ve just returned from the AQS show in Grand Rapids but will be packing the van up soon for Madison. Quilt Expo in Madison is a fundraiser for Wisconsin Public Television and (the Master of All Things Sewn) Nancy Zieman. For the past three years in Madison we’ve had a small booth where we sell our fabrics, magazines, books, calendars and patterns and it has been a wonderful and fun event for us. This year Nancy Zieman’s office called (gasp — I know — right?!) and asked if I’d be interested in doing some lectures at the Expo. Now let’s be clear about this: even if I were on my death bed, if anyone related to Nancy Zieman asked me to do anything, the answer is yes. I have no interest in celebrities. I don’t care about housewives of whatever or what the Kardashians are doing (which is probably very little I’m guessing). But I’m in awe of people like Nancy Zieman who have built themselves wonderful organizations started in her case in her dining room making videos from hard work, expertise, treating people well and being a smart business person.

So I’ll be giving a lecture every day at 11:30am. On Thursday and Saturday, I’ll be giving a lecture entitled Quilts Made Modern, describing what makes a quilt modern and taking attendees step-by-step through a typical commission. On Friday I’ll be lecturing on Improvisational Quilting and showing various improvisational piecing techniques. I’ll also discuss strategies for quilting improvisational quilts. The rest of the time I’ll be vending in booth #534.

Here’s a link to the Advance Registration Guide, which includes the list of lectures.

American Patchwork & Quilting’s 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge



Welcome to our stop on the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge! The editors at American Patchwork & Quilting invited us to make a few pillowcases with some of the fabrics we’ve designed and find a local charity that would make good use of them.

all 5

Among the stories in life that inspire me most are those about people who have had a major life setback but who, through hard work and the generosity of others have been able to pick themselves up and reinvent their lives. So in this spirit we chose West Suburban PADS clients to receive our pillowcases. We asked PADS for the names of five people who had recently transitioned from homelessness to having a roof over their heads, a little bit about each one and their color preferences for the pillowcases. Using the clients’ color preferences, we pulled fabrics from our three most recent lines for Andover Fabrics, Victorian Modern, Passport and the Color Collection. We opted for using the patterns at a smaller scale so there would be a better chance of the fabrics fitting in with the rest of the recipients’ furnishings. For all of the pillowcases we used the Pillowcase with Piping pattern #15. Here’s what we learned about the recipients and what we will be donating to them:


Vicky, Berwyn, – purple or anything similar – motivated individual found a job immediately. Upon moving in her apartment the first thing she did was design and decorate her apartment with plants and garden area. Maintains a quality home.



Takella, Forest Park, – pink or purple – one of her favorite things to do is take her children on adventures downtown Chicago. She enjoys painting with her son. She likes sitting outside in the sun and enjoying the neighborhood. Friendly demeanor.


Ruthie, Oak Park, – green or blue – enjoys painting, going to the conservatory and building positive relationships with her grandchildren.

red & black

Randy, Berwyn, – red – an avid writer and enjoys movies, nearing retirement still finds time to be active in the community. Spent the past 36 years employed until physical health interrupted the ability to work. Being housed allows him to concentrate on medical needs.

red & gray

Eileen, Oak Park, – red and any matching color – having an apartment has allowed her to address medical issues; makes homemade jewelry, loves solving puzzles, and grew up in the west suburbs.

It took us about three hours to make all five pillowcases. Bill and I did them assembly line style and they were done in no time. We’re adding our totals to the challenge totals and encourage you to find a worthy recipient in your community to help reach the 1,000,000 pillowcases goal.


How you can get involved:

  • Hop on over to the other participants in the blog hop for further inspiration.

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Look for sew-ins at your local quilt shop


Follow the 24-hour Sew-A-Thon planned at the headquarters of American Patchwork & Quilting on September 19-20.

End of Bolt Sale!


We’re clearing the decks in our online store for new fabric lines coming our way. Some of these bargains are remnants from commissions or kits and are priced at the equivalent of $5/yd. Sorry but we cannot cut these pieces smaller. There are also fabrics available by the yard (1 yd minimum please) for $6/yd. We’re adding new fabrics periodically to our sale pages so check back periodically if you’re interested in bargains. As always, shipping to US addresses is FREE!

Modern Quilts Illustrated #8 is in the mail!


Subscribers to Modern Quilts Illustrated will be receiving their issues in the mail this week. Alison Glass is our guest designer and this issue is dedicated to mastering curved piecing. If you’d like to subscribe, renew your subscription or buy a single issue, click here.



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