ALS Quilts

We Challenge You!


Every quilt we’ve made for the past 16 years has been made with one of the Quilters’ Dream Battings. We’re not spokespeople for them. We just love their products. They have also been exceptionally generous to our students. If you have taken a class that involves quilting from us, you have probably received numerous batting samples of their various battings because they have cheerfully responded to every request we’ve made to share their products with our students.

As our business turns 16 next month, it seemed the perfect number of quilts to donate to a worthy cause and also to free up space in our studio for new quilts to be made. So we made good on our promise to contribute a big pile of quilts, 16 in fact, to Quilters’ Dream’s Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS.

Some of these quilts are samples for fabric lines, others from books or quilts that we used for teaching but have been replaced by newer examples with current fabrics. So here’s our challenge to you: isn’t there a UFO lying around your sewing room that you could finish up for this worthy cause? Just think of how much space it might free up for those other projects waiting in the wings. Making a quilt feels good. Giving a quilt feels even better. Feel free to share your quilt donations on the Modern Quilt Studio Facebook page. We’d love to see them!


The New Craft Nectar


In January I launched a new blog, Yes It’s My Real Name, because I yearned for a place to write about non-work topics. I’ve loved the short, and occasionally longer, daily posts I write there and had initially decided to give up this blog. However, on a daily basis I get notifications that more and more people have begun following this blog. So Bill and I decided that we’ll maintain two blogs. We’ll use Yes It’s My Real Name for daily thoughts unrelated to work. We’re reimagining Craft Nectar as the official blog of Modern Quilt Studio so we can continue to add to the 262 posts I’ve written, which have been read by over 1.2 million visitors on this site. I (Weeks) will be doing most of the writing here but Bill will occasionally post as well.


Our goal is to feature some shorter tips for quilters, updates on what we’re working on and inspiration that we find in our travels. As always we’ll continue to post images and news on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram as well but longer thoughts and tutorials will appear here. We’ll also have a giveaway to two! We’re also going to re-post some posts from the past six years that answer questions we are frequently asked such as “Why do you think it’s important to prewash fabrics?” or “What kind of iron do you recommend?” or our most popular post ever, “How do I clean my sewing machine?” So stay tuned.

Let us know which topics are of interest to you and we’ll see if we can write something helpful. Hope you like the new look. More about that pattern in our header in the coming weeks!



This issue, inspired by new trends in modern quilting in Japan, features six projects plus several articles. This is the first in a new, longer format that will be published twice yearly with 27 pages of inspiration on high-quality paper with no advertising.
We have two guest designers in this issue – Suzuko Koseki, one of Japan’s best-known modern quilters and Nancy Gazolla Hines, whose table runner upcycled from vintage kimonos is available as a limited edition kit exclusively from Modern Quilt Studio.
Click here to order Modern Quilts Illustrated Issue #10. While on our site, take a look at our new fabric bundles, kits and special discounts for ordering the whole collection of Modern Quilts Illustrated! Missed an issue? No problem! Back issues are still available individually as well. And as always, shipping is free.