Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Tartan Challenge

Bill and I debated a lot over whether or not to include Tartan in Transparency Quilts. Bill wanted to include it because he loved the complexity and the efficiency with which he was able to design the construction. I was hesitant because I was worried that it was the most complex pattern in the book […]

Hello Sunshine

One of the things we love about creating transparency quilts is the depth you see in the colors as well as the composition. Hello Sunshine appears to be a relatively straightforward baby quilt but in one place the overlapping colors make sense – a light over a darker fabric yields a shade in between. However, […]

the calm of Whisper

Readers of Quilts Made Modern may remember that I spent 8 months hand quilting a quilt called Small Change made entirely with Cherrywood fabrics. Cherrywood hand-dyed fabrics are more expensive than mass-manufactured prints, but have a softness that’s just not found anywhere else. While the design thinking behind Small Change was the interplay among rich […]

making your own Madras

Madras is one of the best examples of how careful fabric selection can create a very compelling transparency. You have to look carefully because although the two shades of blue are easy to see, it’s the light and dark pink that really make the transparency visually convincing. Whenever possible we’ve made the quilts in Transparency […]


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