Questions and Answers about future issues of Modern Quilts Illustrated


In Issue #9 of Modern Quilts Illustrated we explained that we will be making some changes in future issues of the magazine. Given that we get a lot of emails daily on this topic, it seemed wise to post the same information here as well.

“I have a subscription to Modern Quilts Illustrated through Issue #9. I don’t see a place on the website to renew and I don’t want to miss an issue. How do I renew my subscription for future issues?”

In the three years we have been publishing Modern Quilts Illustrated, questions about renewing subscriptions and issues related to subscriptions have required far more administrative time than we possibly could have imagined. This administrative time has taken us away from what we love to do most — designing and making. Shipping orders of magazines when people order them through our website, however, is far more straightforward and efficient for us. As a result, we will no longer be offering subscriptions for Modern Quilts Illustrated. All existing subscriptions were completed with the mailing of Issue #9 in July.

“So how am I going to know when future issues are available?”

To make it as easy as possible for our loyal readers to purchase MQI, we are in the process of reworking our website to allow you to add your name to an email list that will notify you when each issue is available. The email will include a link to our website to order the magazine and have it shipped to you.

“Will the publishing schedule be the same?”

No, we’ve decided to move to a twice per year schedule (end of January and end of July) but add additional pages to each issue, more like a booklet. This will reduce the amount of time we spend shipping while giving you the same amount of content over the course of a year.

“Will the rest of the magazine be the same?”

Yes. Adding pages will give us the opportunity to include longer articles and more projects. Modern Quilts Illustrated will remain ad-free on the same great-quality, recycled paper with helpful illustrations, inspiring projects and beautiful photography.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask below in the comments section, by messaging us on Facebook or by emailing us at

…but I’m not creative…


One of the most frustrating things I hear on a regular basis in the quilting classes I teach is the sentence above or it’s close cousin, “I’m not good with color.” I talk about this in my Craftsy class a bit. I mention that I was one of those kids who was not labeled a gifted artist in kindergarten so I assumed that I had no artistic talent. That belief continued until I was in my mid-20s.

It was a sentence in Betty Edwards’ seminal book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain that truly changed my life. I wanted to get a masters degree in a design field but had not background in art or design. I got this book to learn how to draw so I could put together a portfolio to get into grad school. Betty Edwards wrote that while the brilliance of Picasso or someone of that level of artistic achievement may well be innate, the rest of us can learn to draw, not to his level perhaps, but to a level of competency through education and practice. It can be learned. One’s gifts are not fixed. We can learn new skills, including creative thinking, design and, yes, color.

Although the topic of the article Giving Good Praise to Girls: What Messages Stick is on how to praise girls, I found that as I read it, it also pertains to many of the students who take my quilting classes. Many of you know that Bill and I emphasize experimenting and maquettes to see what works as opposed to making decisions in your head. So I particularly liked this quote from the article, “If you have little failures along the way and have them understand that’s part of learning, and that you can actually derive useful information about what to do next, that’s really useful.”

It’s not about knowing what decision to make. It’s about being willing to try a variety of options so you KNOW what will work best.

It’s the Craftsy Fall Sale!


We have a winner!

Quilts of Love

Jaye is the winner of the Quilts of Love giveaway! Jaye, I’ve emailed you asking for your shipping info so we’ll ship as soon as we have your address. Thanks to all who commented.


Quilt Expo Madison and Quilts of Love Giveaway!

quilt expo

I’m heading to Madison tomorrow to Quilt Expo. Our assistant Stacy and later Bill will be vending with me in booth #534. I’ll be giving lectures every day at 11:30 so come by and say hi! Don’t be surprised if you see legendary Nancy Zieman and some cameras in the booth Thursday morning. Nancy’s dropping by to interview me for a Sewing with Nancy segment to air in 2015. I’ll be the one pinching myself that Nancy thinks I have something interesting to say.

Quilts of Love

The publishers of a new quilt-themed romance series called Quilts of Love (great book covers, right?) have sent us three books to give away! It’s an interesting concept as each book is written by a different author and take place during different eras. You Michiganders will see that the one on top takes place at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, where we’ll be teaching in 2016. We’ll mail them out when I return from Madison. Comment below if you’d like to win these three books and we’ll announce the winner next week. I’m afraid we’ll need to limit it to US addresses. You have until Monday September 8 to enter. Good Luck!


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